Oh City of Duluth, you guys are so cool. On the first legitimate day of snowfall of the winter, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is caught with their pants stuck around their ankles and their asses in the air. I can still see grass somehow and the roads are completely unplowed. I don’t think anyone is really surprised though, after all, this is the city that could barely afford to salt the roads last winter. I think we got just sand for three months. It’s quite amazing how in a city that gets snow and is built on a steep hill with god-awful roads, there still exist residents that completely suck at driving. They are especially bad at driving uphill. No, you are not going to make it up 21st Ave at 10mph in your front wheel drive piece of suck and you certainly aren’t going to do it if you can’t drive in a straight line up the wheel well. This is a giant hill that has not been plowed, salted, sanded, or otherwise prepared to accept your preferred method of retard.

Idiot drivers aside, its finally snowing. Yesterday I had resigned myself to thinking we had gotten shafted again. The storm had missed us entirely and was instead dumping snow on the Twin Cities, two hours south of us. I’m an experienced Minnesota skier, so I knew low expectations were the key to happiness. It’s better to be surprised by any snow at all than to suffer the severe morningwoodbonerkill of getting a fraction of what you were told. It’s still snowing in the cities and the seven day forecast for Duluth is straight snow. Thanks mother nature for the pity snow, we needed it.

Plans will need to be made for this snow. Perhaps front country shenanigans, maybe some handrails. I might consider just giving up on that whole skiing thing and staying inside where it isn’t below zero to watch the complete fourth season of Nip/Tuck with Tinga of Tinga’s Hats. No homo. A trip to the twin cities isn’t out of the question either. The ideas are rolling now that it not only feels, but looks like winter. Pretty much stoked out of my mind to start filming for Circle Episode 5!