Break out the confetti, the piñata, the champagne, or whatever you need to celebrate, gone are the days of dubstep and flat boxes: POV is back and it’s better than ever.


POV footage is nothing new, but for years it remained largely unchanged and not that popular, that is until the release of the GoPro Hero HD. In January of 2010 the little toaster shaped camera changed the game. The Hero HD’s combination of price, usability and impeccable marketing let anyone with about $300 and iMovie to showcase their talents to the world. In the months and years following GoPro edits flooded the internet.

Soon enough everyone and their uncle was filming themselves with a GoPro, Contour or other POV camera.

As these cameras made their ways to the masses, the flood of content became overwhelming. Paired with the rise of dubstep and other electronic music GoPro edits became something to fear rather than something to look forward to. These edits became filled with skiing that no one wanted to see with filming and editing that makes you want to puke. With these bad edits, POV was written off as something for tourists to show their aunt Cindy who’s never seen snow. In short, the novelty of the murky colors, blown highlights and “creative” mounts couldn’t last forever.

Thanks to those such as Candide, Sander, McNutt, Tanner and many more the POV edit is back in full force. What is different this time? How have ‘we’ learned? The cameras haven’t changed much, sure the Hero 3 now cranks out 4k footage, but that’s not it. The skiers? No, they were charging and sending just as hard. The answer is simple, its the return to unadulterated, mouthwatering footage; no more dubstep, no more “effects” and filters, just pure skiing. For a change, these cameras are being used the way they way they were intended. Candide lead the way with no music and more than one million views on Youtube, reminding us all of why we loved POV edits in the first place. Then, this year, Sander Hadley burst onto the scene with his hard charging GoPro edits. Countless others have rejoined the bandwagon and have brought the POV back to the masses, and it’s completely awesome.