So yesterday my friends and I had decided to drop our poles off at the top of the hill and do some runs with out em.

At first it is really hard to get used to but starts to get better throughout the day. This is a great way to work on keeping your arms from flailing around whil jibbing...

without the poles in your hands you are alot more aware of where they are while you are on the rails.

My arms were all over the place to begin with but by the end of the day i was able to keep them down most of the time.

Now when i got my poles back in my hands everything was that much better! spins on and off the jibs had improved because i had gotten used to not relying on my pole for momentum.

Basically i think it is a great thing to try at least once. I am not planning on dropping my poles completly but it was definatly a nice thing to try. Do it just once and you will realize how much it helps.