If you ever skied in Maine, or have been on Newschoolers long enough, you remember the orange hunting suit man, Curtis Bolduc. A young man from Rumford Maine a small paper mill town that does not resemble the hometowns of the vast majority of skiers, was respectable to say the least.

Shrouded in controversy and known for a loud mouth, one must respect what Curtis was able to accomplish in his time on skis, logging shots in the now defunct heat harvest shoots, making it through the AM rounds at Dumont Cup, among many more accomplishments. A hometown hero and a popular internet skier for years, Curtis showed that you didn't need money, summer camps, or expensive coaches to make yourself known in the ski industry.

2005-2006 and 15 years old:


1. Where are you now? How old are you now? Right now I’m in Somerville mass, just outside of Boston. I like it here, a bit more going on than the middle of nowhere Maine. And as for the age, I turn 26 in August.

2. Do you ski much anymore? Unfortunately I really don't ski much anymore; it is further away and a lot more expensive now. If I went back 10 years and told me younger self this, I would be bitch slapped. However I have different ambitions now. I have a wife, rent, job and skiing is hard to factor in to that equation as of right now. It doesn't help that I almost never take full days off.

3. You going to be back on the sticks anytime again? I am working on getting a job that will give me weekends off, in which case I will get a pass go back to the golden days of being a weekend warrior. Seeing I live in Boston urban is a bit on my mind as well, but probably not super aggressive urban. More like simple/fun Urban.

4. The orange hunting suit was a staple of your outerwear; did that help people remember you? At the time I chose to wear the bright orange all of the outfit’s people wore skiing were flat and dull people seemed infatuated with having the next “hip” outerwear. So instead of following everyone else’s path and paying over 400$ for outerwear. I picked up an on sale 25$ ridiculous orange camo suit and bought new skis. I figured if I wore something this outspoken I would have to either get better at skiing or get ridiculed. I ended up doing a little bit of both haha. People remembered me for the suit way more than I could have expected.

5. Even without releasing many edits lately, you are still rated in the top 20 for NS producers, do you miss putting out edits? I think it's hilarious how well ranked of a producer I am, I suppose it’s because I literally put out 3 or 4 edits a week at one point. I miss it more than anything! It was super fun to film the progression of my skiing and also watch my edit quality get better too.

https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/660157/MLC---Urban-Alex Hackel, Curtis, Garett, Henry and the Blentist

6. Growing up in relatively rural Maine, you were far away from the industry; did that affect your approach to skiing? It made my approach much more virtual. I knew if I wanted to have any presence in the industry, even if just a little. It had to be online. I think the solidarity helped me really dig into the online culture of skiing. It was always eye opening to go out west, mainly because I couldn't believe the conditions. I thought it was normal to have ¾ of the ski season be sheer ice.

7. You capitalized hard on the emerging world of internet edits a few years back, what was that like for your skiing to get some recognition? I would say it was more than a few years! I remember posting edits on putfile before YouTube was even around... It was always a goal to get feedback on my edits. I didn't really care if it was positive feedback or negative feedback, just something to create a ripple in the ordinary cookie cutter edit so we would start seeing different style and more personalities! And well actually just more content in general!

8. What do you think about edits these days? There is such a wide spectrum of edits these days, some I love! And some I just enjoy. No edit is a bad edit, I love content… period and these days there is a lot of it. My favorite edits are those that accomplish one of two things. Either A. Show me what the personality of the skier is. Example real skifi. They are super goofy fun dudes who just go out and do a bunch of things people can't even think of, I dig it. Or B. Show complete control/style. Example Lars Tynes new edit or keegan kilbrides recently have got me really hyped.


9. What were your favorite moments in skiing for yourself personally? I think my favorite moment was weeks after I purchased my orange hunting suit (age 15); the “Academy” crew on the mountain invited me to go to this Smith Limo rail jam. They were the kids that were undoubtedly the best at the mountain at the time. The reason they invited me was pretty obviously to make fun of me, but I didn't have a ride either way so I went. When we got there the setup was super sketchy, 10 foot gap onto this rusty tall 40 foot limo. I was petrified; I was borderline pulling out of the competition because I didn't even want to slide the rail at all! I decided to take one hit then call it quits just so I didn't get ridiculed. After that hit a boost of confidence came over me I didn't know existed. My second hit I did switch 2 on being the first to spin on. Later during the jam I was trying switch 4’s onto a rail I was afraid to slide. I ended up winning that rail jam, and I wasn't looked at as such a joke anymore.

For this shot^ see 2:47 in the first video


2012 Superunknown

By popular demand, Curtis gets his pass pulled