It’s finally over. We've survived the Olympics. It was a lot to take in, but we did it. We got through puppies and valentines and Miley Cyrus and pants that were “falling down”. Over the past ten days we did our best to bring you all the Olympic coverage we could - and some of it was flat-out ridiculous. It took over our Facebook page and the Newschoolers homepage and it was all a little painful. That is, apparently, the way it goes in the five-ring Olympic circus.

Mixed in with all the mainstream media nonsense was a ton of excellent content that showcased our sport to the world. Our own Ethan Stone was reporting from the field, giving the newschoolers perspective on the competition. Ethan produced what is easily among the best coverage of any major freeski event - Olympic or otherwise - while for the first time, the news outlets of the world turned their attention to freeskiing. To see David Wise on the front page of the New York Times is pretty damn impressive, let’s not kid ourselves about that.

So to recap freeskiing’s inaugural Olympic experience, we've assembled our favourite content into one place. We tried to find the best stories, photos and discussions from across the web, and assembled them here. We promise there’s no mention of Goepper’s Instagram, or T-Swift calling out Torin on daytime TV.


Newschoolers (ESB)

Freeskiing Olympic Qualification Explained -

Sochi From the Inside -

Olympic Slopestyle Redeemed (women’s slopestyle)-

A Day to Remember in Sochi (men’s slopestyle)-

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Newschoolers (Rachy)

Sochi: Down the Rabbit Hole -

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From Russia with Love -

SBC Skier (Jeff Schmuck)

Olympic Women’s Ski Slopestyle Finals -

Olympic Men’s Ski Slopestyle Finals -

Olympic Men’s Ski Halfpipe Finals -

Olympic Women’s Ski Halfpipe Finals -

TGR (Ryan Dunfee)

What’s the Actual Freeskiing Like in Sochi? -

What Just Happened in Women’s Ski Halfpipe -

Sochi Men’s Ski Halfpipe Finals Recap -

Sochi Men’s Ski Slopestyle Finals Recap -

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The Games Exposed: Eric Iberg on the Olympics -

Jules Bonnaire: From Within the Games -

Impressions of Sochi Midway Through -

Powdermag (Mike Rogge)

A Long Time Coming -


Olympic Men’s Half Pipe Finals (Canada) -

(USA) -

Olympic Men’s Slopestyle Finals (UK) -

(USA) -

Olympic Women’s Slopestyle Finals (Canada) -

(USA) -

(Australia) -


Women’s skiing -

Skiing - //

The Olympics -

Sarah Burke - // // //[


Women’s Ski Slopestyle Podium

Men’s Ski Slopestyle Podium

Somebody call air traffic control, it's getting busy up there

Rail Section of the Slopestyle course

Noah Bowman 720 tail

Wise’s absurd alley-oop flat five octo on the last hit

Sweden's Emma Dahlstrom snags cork 7 tail.


Check the thread

ABM wtf tap

E-dollo sending it to the Gucci Plateau

Wait, what?!

Wu-Tang is for the children!


Joss' Last Run at Sochi 2014 (sw unnat triple!)-

Harlaut's Olympic Run at Sochi 2014-

Gus Kenworthy's 2nd Place Run at Sochi 2014-

Nick Goepper's Run 2 at Sochi 2014-

Håtveit's 91.80 Run at Sochi 2014-

ABM Russian Doll Tap at Sochi 2014 (Run 2)-

Jossi's Nose Tap in the Pipe at Sochi 2014-

Lyman Currier's Crash at Sochi 2014 (Knee Injury)-

Wise's 1st Place Run at Sochi 2014!-

Jossi's 4th Place Run at Sochi 2014-

Riddle's 2nd Place Run at Sochi 2014-


Olympic Ski Slopestyle -

First Look at Sochi Slope -

Olympics, Do you give a fuck? -

I think I came around on Goepper -

Sochi Pipe Thread -

Women’s Slope Discussion -

Sochi Women’s Pipe -

Embedded NS

Okay, we lied. Here’s all the other stuff the mainstream media brought us from Sochi. Enjoy!

Sochi Pipe Finals Thoughts + C Sessions -

Ryan Dunfee stops by with some thoughts on Half Pipe finals and what they mean for the future of freeskiing at the Olympics. This being BroBOMB, Dunfee also cracks wise about corporations, the environment, and Mike Rogge before leaving you with an edit of some east coast loc’s and a joke about North Korea. Wait, BroBOMB’s mainstream?

Kiwi Olympians blasted for being ‘on an expensive ski holiday’ -

Kiwi journalist Dana Johannsen came under some serious fire from the NS community for her article on the New Zealand freeski team. In it, she criticized the Wells brothers for acting as if they were on holiday in Sochi. As NSer --ski-- put it, “sterling work from the NZ Herald once again”.

There May be 100,000 Condoms in Sochi... -

But Joss Christensen hasn’t seen any of them. Huffington Post takes journalism to new depths in this interview on the state of inter-athlete relations in Sochi. If only they took time out from asking the tough questions to focus more on the lighter side of the Olympics. Thanks for taking the high road, Joss!

T-Swift Gives Torin Yater-Wallace a Shoutout on ET

The Olympics’ official stoner-philosopher got a shoutout from the one and only Taylor Swift! On daytime TV, no less. We can’t wait to hear about their breakup on her next album. Zing!

Gus Kenworthy Playing with Puppies on CNN

The Games’ number one humanitarian cause was Gus Kenworthy’s puppy adoption. Watch here as he discusses the ins and outs of transcontinental dog rescues with the most trusted name in news. If those puppies didn’t melt your heart, there’s probably no hope left for you.