We all hope to ski forever, but it can be difficult to make that a reality. What a lot of NS'ers don't always get, especially the young members, is that just because a skier is sponsored doesn't mean he's making a living. Many end up having to get a real job, have trouble with injuries, or simply decide to head down a different path in life. Here are a number of skiers who were once in the limelight, and rightly so, but haven't been the talk of the ski scene for some time now.

Jeff Kiesel

Best taps in the game. Put out some real smooth skiing at PC and Brighton over the years.


Andrew Holson

It's Hurricane Season. One of the original founders of 4bi9. Sit back and watch the doctor work his magic.


Jon Brogan

Them lip 2s. Brogan pretty much broke the internet with his skiing. Probably the most asked for comeback of all.


Tyler Barnes

Barnes cruising Hood a while back. Always liked to watch this guy ski growing up.


Ian "Chug" Cosco

The funniest man to ever grace skiing.


Don't forget that Chug actually ripped though.


Nick Martini

Still very involved in the ski community, but he is definitely missed in front of the lens.


Travis Heed

A true OG. A classic era of skiing. Dude was so ahead of his time. A lot of these shots are still sick.


What skiers do you wish were still filming/competing/whatever it be that they were most known for?