MERTION: Hello?RAGE: How are you?MERTION: PRETTY GOOD, how are you?RAGE: PRETTY GOOD. What are you doing?MERTION: Sitting on my patioRAGE: Why aren’t you working?MERTION: It’s a stat holiday.RAGE: What’s that?MERTION: We get paid not to work.RAGE: What did you do this summer?MERTION: I bought a houseRAGE: How old are you?MERTION: 20 RAGE: When did you turn 20?MERTION: Sept 1RAGE: How come I didn’t see it on my FB?MERTION: I dunno, I put a party out thereRAGE: What did you do for your bday?MERTION: I partiedRAGE: By yourself or w/ others?MERTION: Others, we did nothing, but partyRAGE: Are you coming to the premiere?MERTION: Ya, Saturday, right?RAGE: Friday night at Devo’s for the sneak peakMERTION: I’m gonna take Friday off and comeRAGE: Describe your love of fencing?MERTION: I just love it so much that I wanna do it every summerRAGE: Why not winter?

MERTION: Well, it’s hardRAGE: So, you ski in the winter?MERTION: Ya, sometimes, usuallyRAGE: How was your season last year?MERTION: PRETTY GOODRAGE: That’s it, PRETTY GOOD?MERTION: Dope. Till I hurt my back in Stevens.RAGE: Was that our fault for building shitty jumps?MERTION: Nah, for going too fast. It was one of the pimpest seasonsRAGE: What’s your best memory from last year?MERTION: Schuster putting his sled in the trees after coming around the corner. Skiing memory, California when we murdered that one jumpRAGE: I think you murdered it.MERTION: It was the pimpest memoryRAGE: Aren’t 2 day trips the most successful for you?MERTION: Think so, seems that way, I don’t know whyRAGE: Because you get it done quick to get home to your girlfriendsMERTION: Ya, I get in and get out quickRAGE: How’s your relationship life?MERTION: Not that goodRAGE: You single?MERTION: Ya
RAGE: You announcing that?MERTION: Ya, I’m staying single for sure. It’s hard to have a relationship when you have a houseRAGE: So being a homeowner, you can’t have a relationship?MERTION: Ya, it’s too hard, too grown up. I’m too busy building fencesRAGE: So b/w building a fence and having a house, no time for relationships?MERTION: I tryRAGE: What do you have planned for the upcoming season?MERTION: Ski in a lot of places. RAGE: You gonna travel this year?MERTION: Try toRAGE: Comps?MERTION: Try, and film a lot.RAGE: You have big plans?MERTION: I have huge plans. RAGE: You like competing or filming more?MERTION: Filming cuz you’re w/ a bunch of buddies, killin it. But, competing is fun because you win money. It’s a 50/50 thingRAGE: Halfpipe or slopestyle. What’s your forte’? MERTION: Big air
RAGE: Didn’t you do well at half pipe?MERTION: I did ok, alright, not the best. One comp, Aspen Open, I got 10th, so it wasn’t that good, but it was good for me.RAGE: Didn’t you qualify for 1st?MERTION: Ya, but I chokedRAGE: You aren’t much of a trainer, did you ski at all this summer?MERTION: No, I went to the water ramps. I did 5 doubles and quick jumped the rest of the dayRAGE: That’s your summer of training?MERTION: You can look at my FB videos.RAGE: That’s your training? Jumping in a lake? Would you like to train in the summer?MERTION: Ya, but money wise, I need to work.RAGE: Well, when you’re a 20 year old house owner, someone has to pay the mortgage, right?MERTION: Ya, it’s a money thing.RAGE: Who is supporting you?MERTION: Rip Curl, Faction, Serius Gloves, Olympia Ski Shop in VernonRAGE: Describe Vernon in its ability to produce pro skiers? Aren’t there like 8 pro skiers out of Vernon?MERTION: Freestyle program produces a lot of kids from Silverstar. Whistler is down the road, location. the Kokanee is in the waterRAGE: The Kokanee is in the water?MERTION: Ya, our coaches are super pimpRAGE: What do you think about Ian claiming he is from Vernon when he’s not?MERTION: I don’t know how that happened, but it did. He’s living here now, so I guess, he’s here now, but he wasn’t born and raised.RAGE: He’s trying to jump in the pool of Vernonites?MERTION: It just came upon. RAGE: How’s the porch?Merion: It’s a little cold, raining, kinda
RAGE: Winter’s coming!MERTION: Is it?RAGE: In a couple monthsMERTION: I’m super excited. I started my sled up and I was like damn.RAGE: Did you breathe in too much exhaust?MERTION: Ya, it was in my shop. I hot boxed the shop w/ my 2 stroke. My bro and I stood in there. The smell of 2 stroke smoke in the morning is amazing.RAGE: What should kids look for in Mike Mertion in a ski video?MERTION: I’d say PRETTY GOOD time. Buy, PRETTY GOOD, you’ll enjoy it.RAGE: Say hey to Mark Devo: What’s up Dude?RAGE: That’s it, Mertion, anything else?MERTION: I’m gonna go to Kelowna and jump off a diving bored. RAGE: Training?MERTION: YaRAGE: I’ll see you Friday for the premiere?Merion: Will ya?RAGE: Ya?MERTION: Ok, see you FridayPost interview text from Mertion…I didn’t realize that was my interview till halfway through…ha ha.