Meet the man who defines grace under pressure.  If you’ve been screamed at while minding your own business up in EV, he is your man.   An established photographer who still feels the need to be the biggest blowhard  in the history of EV, he has been exploiting the EV zone for years for his own benefit and looking for unsuspecting travelers to unleash his enormous ego and wealth of snow safety knowledge on you in his own special way.

Ironically, he got his ass handed to him in CDC. Now he likes to ski Tweeners and yell at people across the valley about what they are doing wrong.  No doubt he has perfected the profile sunset pow shot and ridden that donkey to the ground, but he still persists, like a bad weak layer in the snowpack.  Although his list of bad backcountry decisions is as long as his photo credits, he is the definitive voice in EV.

Here’s to you mayor of EV! Self- elected to the fourteenth consecutive term. Master of all he sees and you as well if you venture into his district! Step aside and show him the proper respect!

He represents everything that is wrong in EV. Period.

EV Report 1/25/12

Headed back to my spot in the trees to see if the day of warm temps (2 C) had help the lowers consolidate at all.  On the way out  from Top of the World, I saw tracks are starting to push out in Old Man’s just barely from the trees and also in the left side of  Abe’s.  It’s obvious people are venturing out after the cycle as things settle down just a bit.  Skiing wise the snow was more supportive and I saw no new releases natural or otherwise, although no guarantee of stable snow.

Did more columns with the same snowpack, elevation, slope angle as yesterday and got mixed results.  First two columns.  Ct-26Q2  Ct -30Q2, which was a huge difference  from yesterday. Maybe my mistake.  Moved over and did two more columns they were CT-4Q2  and  CT-2Q2.

Not sure the difference,  You interpret this as you will.   Otherwise the pit looked pretty similar from yesterday.  Seems like the danger is backing off a little with the recent calm weather. Again my opinion, not fact, use your own judgement as always.

Snow is thinner with the settlement and the trees out are a little more challenging now. Waiting for the next snow Friday, hoping that we’ll be able to have the reset button pushed, without the super high danger.  Interested in seeing what happens, as always.

Be safe out there,  not like me of course, remember the Born to Lose tattoo….