Thesearch for two men nike shoxwomen who escaped from a private Arizona prison and their suspectedaccomplice has turned to the vast Yellowstone National Park area after one ofthe inmates was linked to a double homicide in New Mexico and efforts to findthem womens nikeshox intensified.TheU.S. Marshals Service said Sunday information developed within the past twodays indicates Tracy Province, John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch may be hidingin portions of the park that span Montana and Wyoming. The agency also saidinvestigators believe nike shoxturbo Province has separated from McCluskey and Welch.It doesn'tappear any of the three are expert campers or have wilderness survival skills,said Thomas Henman, supervisory deputy with the U.S. Marshals Service inPhoenix."Fromthe start, we believed these individuals would be staying at campgrounds andtruck stops and other places like that. This keeps to cheap pumasneakers that pattern," Henman said. He added authoritiesbelieve the three might be sticking to back roads and smaller state highways.Federalinvestigators in Montana and Wyoming and law enforcement authorities with theNational Park Service are working with investigators from Arizona to followleads in the discount pumasneakers Yellowstone area.Also, U.S. authorities have advised theRoyal Canadian Mounted Police that the suspects may try to cross into Canada,Henman said. The warning was issued because the three have quickly movednorthward and were within several hundred miles of the border, he said.Themanhunt for the three intensified Saturday after forensic evidence ugg storelinked at least one of the inmates to the killings of an Oklahoma couple whowas traveling through eastern New Mexico earlier this week.Thebadly burned christianlouboutin replica skeletal remains of Linda and Gary Haas — both 61and from Tecumseh, Okla. — were found in a charred camper Wednesday morning ona remote ranch in Santa Rosa. The couple's pickup truck was found thatafternoon 100 miles west in Albuquerque.Henmanand New Mexico State Police alexandermcqueen shoes spokesman Peter Olson both called the search for thetwo inmates an urgent situation given the double-homicide in NewMexico."They are very dangerous individuals, very desperate individuals,and the longer they're out there, the more desperate they become and the more christianlouboutin outlet dangerous they become," Henman saidSunday.Province, McCluskey and Daniel Renwick escaped from the medium-securityArizona State Prison near Kingman on July 30 after authorities say the44-year-old Welch of Mesa threw wire cutters over the perimeter fence. Welch isMcCluskey's fiancee and And with this guycousin. Authoritiessaid the movements of the two inmates and their accomplice have beenunpredictable so they will continue with the nationwide manhunt until all threeare arrested. Thethree later kidnapped two semi-truck drivers at gunpoint and used the big rigto get away, After the separate travel authoritiessaid. The group left the drivers unharmed in the truck at a stop just offInterstate 40 in Flagstaff and then fled.yxq