Traveling Circus episode 6.1 the Cat Days of Summer

In the world of skiing videos, there exists big production films, documenting only the top pro skiers on terrain no average human will ever access. On the other side of the spectrum is the 60 second online sponsor me edits. In 2008, Line and it's underground band of misfit skiers lead by Will Wesson & Andy Parry set out to document skiing like never before. No high production camera crews, no heli trips to AK, just a couple of guys and a camera crisscrossing the US.

Will and Andy. Photo: Dan Brown

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the van? -sandybov.ill

Shane: Legally only five. But four is optimal for sanity and reducing clutter.

Will: I think the most people ever in the van while it was moving was at SIA 2 years ago, roughly 10-15. Any more than 3 and it starts to smell...

Andy: 5 for long trips is the most. Short drives you can get 10+

How far has the van gone and what's it's miles per gallon? -Wskier

Will: The Van is Diesel and gets roughly 20 miles per gallon. So far we've driven about 71,000 miles in the 3 years we've had it. It only has 122,000 total miles right now, so hopefully it lasts a while...

Andy: Really hope it lasts a while... It tends to have small problems but nothing big so far knock on wood. Things like coolant leaks, and the high beams wont turn off.

Pizza or chicken? -gudelo.

Shane: Pizza! But, homemade or from the east coast. Nothing fast-food or frozen, please.

Will: Pizza with Chicken, and as many other toppings as possible.

Andy: Chicken wing pizza.....

What's the longest anyone on the crew went without showering during filming? -Huck_Norris

Shane: Fact: Andy showered twice the whole two weeks when we were in New Zealand last summer. Both showers took place within the very first, and very last 48 hours of the trip. I remember this vividly because we were staying in an RV and I shared a very small twin bed with Andy.

Will: What Shane said. To some it might not seem like that long, but when you sweat and wear the same clothing every day, it's really bad. This year someone in the PC lift line was complaining about a BO smell. It turned out to be Andy who was like 3 people back in the line...

Andy: Me....

How many days, in a row, has Andy gone eating chicken wings for breakfast? -Dr.SteveBrule

Andy: None. Pizza however a few days. Heated never cold.

Andy and Cole Drexler. Photo: Rocky Maloney

How many urban spots/rails have you hit? -J.R.D

Will: Way too many. These days I think I probably go to at least 50 spots a season.

Andy: Over 40? So really not that many compared to Will.

On a scale of potpourri to open grave, how bad has the smell inside the van gotten? -Gr0mo

Shane: As soon as the weather warms up in the spring and the bacteria begins to thaw out in the carpet it gets really, really gross.

Will: Really depends on who has been in there in the last week and their skiing to bathing ratio.

Andy: We have a mold problem

how many people have you had in the van at one time? -georgen12

Andy: 12 or 14?

Directed towards Andy: Will you be doing the Tell A Friend Tour this year, and if so will you be going to any where in MA again? -.RamZ.

Andy: Yes I will be doing TAFT! Not 100% sure I want to go to Nashoba that place is sicl

Is valley going to shower before shane's wedding? -danbrown

Shane: Actually he did take a shower the morning of the wedding. He also wore cut off shorts and a thrift store suit jacket. Seeing everyone in their formal attire was pretty awesome. My Mom was really excited to meet LJ and Max.

Andy: Great time congrats Sean!

Are you going to do the Tell a Friend tour again? -Lukegnar

Andy: Hell yes! If you have a East Coast resort you want me to go to post it on Tell A Friend Tour facebook. I will start updating information soon.

Traveling Circus Episode 3.4 Euro-Trip!

are there any plans to update the van -Duncanskier

Andy- Sure. Will it ever happen? Probably not.

Which members of the TC crew have gotten laid in the van? -BlakeLively

Shane: Use your imagination.

Of all the years of making the traveling circus, what is the worst experience you guys have had? -Alyon

Shane: Fortunately most of the "bad" stuff that happens on trips is stuff like when I crashed our rented RV into a bus in Austria, or getting super sick in Wisconsin and puking the whole day next to the van. When my Grandfather passed away while on the "East Coast Hard Core Real Stuff" trip I was actually pretty relieved that I was already within a few hours of New York.

Andy: Getting stuck in the Seven Spring parking lot with a 30 hour drive ahead of me. Being in the back sleeping and waking up to the van going sideways at 70mph because of black ice.

Bindsoul or Hippy Killer? -Jakey.

Shane: Hippy Killer.

Will: HK

Andy: Hippy killer to bindsoul

Is there still mold growing in the van? Will Ian still appear in any of the TC edits? -dopenuts3

Shane: Both the mold problem and Ian are unpredictable. But currently we have plenty of mold growing on the ceiling of the van.

Andy: Mold for days son.

Andy: How did the name "Dick squeez" come to mind after stomping the new trick? -fender3113

Will: Two summers ago at Hood, my friend Jerm and I decided we would peer pressure Andy into doing a screamin one foot grind. All of Andy's tricks have weird/stupid names and because of how it looks(you cross your legs like you need to pee) we called it the "dick squeeze." It was, and still is meant for a creeper ledge style set up so someone out there should beat Andy to it...

Andy: Story is correct however I never wanted to do it on a ceeperledge. Rail however....

When will you guys film another East Coast Hard Core Real Stuff episode? -big-tink

Andy: I would like to. So many resorts and so many skiers.

Traveling Circus episode 3.5 East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff

Will we ever see the return of Zandy the international skiing celebrity for the 3rd Chicken Wing Invitational? -Oxburger

Shane: Unfortunately no. Zandy retired from freestyle skiing and is pursuing race cars, dating exotic women and training for the Olympic skiboard giant slalom.

Andy: Only for 60,000

Where are you guys planning on going (outside the states) the coming season? -Elg

Will: When you read this we will be on our way to England. I would like to go to many more new places this winter, but we'll see what happens...

Andy: UK! It would be cool to do a Asia tour.

For Andy: What inspired you to choose the name Andy? And an update on the red knight is needed - Steve.Mahanahan

Andy: He is in college! They grow up so fast.

Do you miss the subi? -DARF

Shane. NO. That car had a freakishly awful smell that is stored in my nose-memory bank forever. It still haunts me.

Will: The van may have some problems and get stuck from time to time, but it's still way better than Andy's smelly car.

Andy: Nope it was too small.

How come you never come to the Mecca of freestyle in France: Vars? Would you rather being raped by a raccoon while camping in the woods or licking Andy's cheese socks? -Hubby

Will: It's on my list. Unfortunately my list is hundreds of places long... Racoon no question.

Andy: I want to go to Vars. And my socks... I dont need to get raped.

If you could take the Van on popular reality tv show Pimp My Ride, what upgrades would you hope to receive? -zbphoto

Shane: Full kitchen, full bathroom, jet engine with wings, underwater and time travel capabilities and a working AM/FM radio.

Andy: No mold. Guns maybe.

how many showers do you think Andy takes during the winter? -tdollo

Shane: More than you would guess. I think it's the repetitive clothes wearing without washing that gets him.

Will: The real question is how often does he do laundry.

Andy: When I'm not traveling everyday.

i know u guys are from new york so yankees or mets fans... and also besides andy, who is the least clean person who has spent significant time in the tc van -zackbochicchio

Andy: SPORTS!!!! LJ is number two I think.

Max Hill on the "Cole Jam"

when will the next tc episode come out! -zackbochicchio

Andy: When you give me $50. Or in a few days. Either way.

How many skis do you go through in a year? -FigNewton

Andy: 3 or so for me. LJ smashes skis but he also goes big.

How do you feel about ian leaving line -Ballen459

Shane: I think the Chronic graphics gave him nightmares.

Andy: Ian who? Haha just kidding. Ian is a friend of our so it doesn't means anything

This is for Garrett. How did you get your magical mustache abilities? -Vault

Garrett: Years ago I made it down to Argentina, immersed myself in the culture and grew my facial hair out longer. I returned to Mammoth in the US of A and was the coach of the freeride team from the year before and knew I couldn't have a stache... So I quit and haven't shaved it since.

What one amenity would you add to the van if line was paying for it? -t_rob

Shane: A heater for sleeping at night. It can get really, really, really cold.

Andy: Heat would be nice.

what skiers do you guys look up to as kids? -Noha

Shane: Dave Crichton, Mike Nick, Phil Belanger, Eric Pollard. Pretty much anyone on LINE, Siver Cartel, or in Stereotype.

Will: Dave Crichton, Mike Nick, Eric Pollard

Andy: Dave Crichton, Mick Nick, EP. Haha kinda funny we all have the same people.

is the van a common place to bang or is it always crowded with afterbang and andy's stench? -steezycheese1

Andy: Not to much sex.

What can we expect to see this upcoming season? -blazer258

Shane: A bunch of dorks traveling around, tricks on skis, food humor, poop jokes, gaypers and rails.

Andy: Smell o vision

have you guys ever thought of doing an episode that would document the process of filming urban skiing (for example, a co-lab edit between meathead films and TC)? or would this be unlikely, since it might spoil the surprise of some of the urban shots that would be in the movie?

in addition, do you feel prepared to answer the serious and thought provoking question that MaryO will undoubtedly ask? -NolanWithAnA

Andy: Urban is too much for work for TC. It would be a rail garden movie.

also, since will has only a few more thousand rails to grind and andy only a limited supply of clean socks, it is sadly evident that you guys cant ski forever. who do you plan to pass the yellow torch that is the traveling circus van on to (or who do you think you could pass it on to)? -NolanWithAnA

Shane: For the very last episode ever we plan on ghost-riding the van into the Grand Canyon. Before we got the van I had this idea that we could buy a really crappy car at the beginning of each episode, and destroy it by the end of each episode.

Will: I don't know what you're talking about, I AM going to ski forever.

Andy: No socks? I want TC to go for another 5 years.

How many times has the van played host to sexual relations? -chris_to_pherr

Andy: Two.

How many air fresheners do you got through every year in the van? -basinbears

Andy: One for the last two years.

Traveling Circus episode 5.2 Lord of the Pies

Do you feel that you receive proper sponsor support for your series, and how it makes you live your life? -Mr.Bishop

Shane: I've done everything from high school janitor to trailer park lawn mower to make ends meet in the past. I haven't had to resort to any awful manual labor jobs in several years so I'm pretty happy. I do a lot of other video and editing work outside of skiing that helps keep my perspectives and priorities in check. I grew up being a huge LINE fan and that hasn't changed. Obviously, I don't see us making these videos forever but they have been a really satisfying couple of years.

Will: Definitely very happy and amazed that some how I am still doing this. For those who don't know, in my senior year of College, Andy and I basically went to Jason Levinthal with a crappy power point presentation and said "We don't want real jobs, please help us pay for gas and we'll make you ski videos." I never expected him to say yes, much less have one year to turn into six and gas money turn into something I could call my "job."

Andy: Quote me. I am the worst, best paid skier out. I'm really lucky to have this gig.

Andy, will you be wearing your green shirt in this season aswell? -xcxllxcx

Andy: Nope I gonna give it away. I will be doing a KickStarter for Tell A Friend Tour this year and thats a donation prize. Spread the smell.

Andy, have you ever jibbed your brother Alex? Would you consider incorporating "The Red Knight" into a set up?- Mr.Huck

Andy: No, but I would consider it.

on a scale of 1 to 10, exactly how annoying are the never-ending hygiene questions? - SKIU4EA

Andy: 6

Do you ever wish that you were just an unknown group of unique guys having fun on skis rather than being internet famous? - Colly

Andy: I live that mindset. The concept of being slightly famous is almost lost on me. I dont see myself like that. None of us really do. I think we all rather be humble then whatever the opposite is called.

to andy parry: whats the stupidest thing youve ever done on skis? - SkiTheEast1

Andy: Watch TC I have a few of them in every epsisode.

How many of you have or are attending college - FullSpektrum

Andy: None bro. We all finished college in 2007/2008. Bachelor degrees for days.

What advice would u give to kids wanting to live life the way you guys do? Any tips for living in the van? - PWorldwide

Andy: Avoid mold growth.

Your episodes are always fun to watch. Yet they've won numerous awards. How do you how do you balance between the two so that they're always so laid back, but serious enough to earn you those acknowledgements. - schwertlec10

Shane: I read an interview recently that said "You don't win IF3 awards from dicking around in the park with your friends" I thought that was awesome. I'm honored that the episodes have won awards, especially considering the judges on those panels included some of my all time favorites in skiing, but our focus is never to win anything or out-do anyone else despite how much people put a lot of hype and computer-talk into "who's better than who." I like to keep the vibes of the episodes relative to our own personalities and interests along with LINE's identity as a brand. Keep skiing weird.

Andy: Hippy Killers

What has overall been the most memorable experience whilst filming for the TC? - SKIIOWA

Shane: It would be impossible to pick one. I could go through each episode and find a handful of favorite moments. It will be interesting to go back and watch them all in forty years. Hopefully Youtube can figure out how to keep all the videos uploaded for that long.

to Andy: what is the most difficult wizard trick you ever done - ethansaskier

Andy: Switch lip bindsoul comes to mind. Man bear pig to a down rail. Or the zombie foot flip.

Will the next season of TC have a new theme song? - A-Mac.

Andy: Its us rapping.

To andy: Will you ever try to slide a box while doing a handstand as promised - @drew

Andy: In time.

Which episode do you guys like the most, or which episode was the most fun to make? - skier996

Shane: it's probably unanimous that the all time favorite episode and trip was Japan from last season. But I have my list of other favorites too: Episode 2.6 was the first time we had everyone together. Episode 4.4 was the deepest snow ever, and another fun crew. Any RV trip is usually pretty fun. The midwest episode from season four was surprisingly fun too, despite the terrible weather and gnarly stomach virus Cole and I both got.

Japan episode:

Traveling Circus episode 5.5 The Last Skiurai

Were do you guys keep Ian's toothbrush? - Cheekers69

Andy: On top of the van. Its too big to fit inside.

Will you be doing a similar Europe trip to episode 3.4 in the near future? - TomHolwill

Andy: Hope so.

When is the last time Andy showered? - Tw1nk1s

Andy: 10am est

Which International trip made Andy the most sick? - CKmediahouse

Andy: All of them. Every international trip I throw up on the way. Thanks for reminding me.

Have you found a place that sells those meat pies in the U.S? Because those looked so goddamn delicious in "Lord of the Pies" - Powpolice

Andy: DIY

How many days on snow have you had this year,I would love to know - ZBJMedia

Andy: 150?

which tc member has the worst hygiene? - Cinci14

Andy: Think you can answer that.

Do you think that season 5 was your best season yet? If so, why? If not, what was your best season and why? Personnally, I enjoyed season 5 the most, there was a lot of mind-boggling stuff, especially in episodes 3-4-5. - FredyFerl

Shane: If I had to pick, I'm most proud of season five. Ideally we would release episodes whenever we thought we had enough good stuff, but that would be difficult to balance. Organizing everyones schedules together can be tricky sometimes, and probably is one of the few stressful parts of TC. Somehow season five worked out that the right people were free at the right times and everything clicked.

Does Garrett's mustache have a name? And if not can we give it one? - cowofawesome

(???): I've never heard of anyone's stache being named... I'm interested to hear what you'll can come up.

What is the longest you have ever driven in the van in one day? - TheyCallMeJR

Andy: 32 hours between two drivers.

If the crew was trapped in a Donner Party situation, who would you eat first and why? - t_rob

Andy: Thats the good part about skiing park and hitting urban. You dont need to worry about Donner Party problems.

This question is for Shane McFalls. Per episode, how many hard drives do you usually go through, on average? - Dr.SteveBrule

Shane: I have a fire-proof box with a bunch of different harddrives that each have a few episodes on them each. It's really entertaining to go back through the older stuff. There are hours of unseen footage we are saving for the tell-all-documentary.

how do you decide where are you going - jibberty

Will: It's a mix of asking around, watching internet videos and just staring at a map. Once we know a place we'd like to go, we have to figure out how we can make it affordable, who can go and when is the best time to go.

Andy: Will makes a plan and then we go.

How long would it take you to notice if someone painted a huge penis or obscene word on the roof of the van? - jerm

Andy: Few days.

have you guys ever thought of getting a pet to live in the van? if so what kind of animal would it be - eatchildren

Andy: My cat Tiger.

Traveling Circus episode 3.2 Get in the Van

Andy: do you remember me from when I met you this summer at t-line? My friend had you sign his cast then you brought us free cheesecake. - Pikachu.

Andy: Yes sir!

Is it any different with Ian moving to nordica? - .Rybak.

Shane: He talks really fast now. Maybe the racing influence?

Andy: Nope.

Andy, when is the next big thang coming from GBP, last shot in rutland .5 was hyyyype - hoodcrew

Andy: Shit that will blow your mind.

this coming season, will you guys be hunting down and killing ian compton? - GrahamGould

-Will: Only if it gets us 1 million views.

Andy: I'm practicing with my throwing knifes.

whats your favourite/ least favourite part of living in the van? and why - DrewPeacock

Andy: Mold.

How do you apply to be in the TC summer inter progam - afterbang3

Shane: You don't seek the summer internship program, the summer internship program seeks you.

Andy: Elaborate blood ceremony.

Are you guys fully sponsored by Line, or is working in Pizza hut a necessity to travel around and film for the episodes? Or in other words, does Line ever give you guys enough money to travel around the globe? What's the general budget you guys get for a month or so? - SteezyJapaneezy

Andy: Over all we are fairly compensated for our travel and time. We really have a good thing going

Other than the essentials (skis, gas, money, food, sleeping bags) what is the one thing that must be brought along in the van on a TC trip? - HP123

Shane: My Dad sent me these "Shower In A Bag" things; They are like huge wet-wipes that are really nice for washing your face and other areas that feel gross when an actual shower isn't available. It's also important to have a durable container for your food. Nothing is worse than when someone steps on your bread, so paper and plastic bags don't cut it. I try to find a strong cardboard box.

Will: An adapter/power inverter always seems to be used the most out of anything.

Traveling Circus episode 4.4 Which Way To Ze Autobahn?

Skiing related or not, what was the scariest moment ever experienced while traveling in the van? - JahJahBinks

Shane: The van is only two-wheel, rear-wheel drive so pretty much any icy roads are scary. Scary moments include: A few years ago Will hit black-ice in Wyoming going 70 mph, and the van was out of control for 100 yards or so before he recovered it. Or when Andy driving like a lunatic through super icy roads in Idaho last winter.

Is Black Steve really going to be in any of the upcoming tc episodes? - blindswap

Andy: We only film with pros. No AMs.

How did the pies you had here in the Lord Of The Pies episode compare to chicken wings? - oscar.T

Andy: Meat pies are a anytime thing. Chicken wings are a mid afternoon - night thing.

not really a question more a request come to england and do a dome and plastic tour - FreezerKid

Andy: Done! You owe me a meat pie now.

how many parking/speeding tickets has the van gotten and whose responsible for most of them? - VinnieF

Shane: Not really any. We got a written warning for trying to sleep inside the national park at Mount Rushmore and the border patrol usually does a search of the van when we go into Canada.

At what point in your life did you decide to master wizardry? - Slingshot_kid

Andy: College was a strange time for me.

What's the weirdest shit to ever go down in the van? - dogard

Andy: Big Mike and the boys making a soup under a brige.

How long do you think you will be able to keep the Traveling Circus series running? - Mr.Bishop

Andy: As long as Line wants to keep it going.

Now that you guys are famous, who claims knowing you back in the day the hardest that you know about? - Huck_Norris

Shane: My Mom.