Hey everybody,

The last time I updated was after January 12th, the ONLY real inbounds pow day we have had here at Red Mountain. La Nina has hit everywhere in BC but here. None the less, I have walked around and found snow where snow may be and have actually had some pretty fun turns in the Rossland Range. The following is a few turns (and drops) around the slackcountry of Red from January 25th till Feb 7th.

Mid Season Edit from darryl hunt on Vimeo.

Druing this time I bagged Old Glory. Old Glory is the only legit mountain in the Rosssland Range at 2400M. We hit it during an amazing weather window, but the actual skiing conditions, and the avalanche conditions were horrible. There was a natural slide a few days before we went up, and due to conditions we picked the "safe" way down, which happened to go right beside the avalanche. The next video is nothing exciting, but if you pause at 1:08 you get a good look at the crown of the slide we skied beside. We guessed that the crown was up to 3M in some spots. Very humbling to check out.

Old Glory from darryl hunt on Vimeo.

Along with all of that, my friend Matt and I went on a trip to Golden last weekend. It was my first time in Golden and skiing Kicking Horse, and I have to say, I fell in love with the place. As far as inbounds skiing goes, their lift set up is horrible, but the slackcountry is some of the best I have seen, ever. The original intent of the trip was to compete in Wrangle the Chute, but due to use not being known, or "good" enough, we weren't accepted into the invite only comp. So, instead, Matt and I went up anyways and spent half the time skiing the slackcountry and half the time drinking/spectating/heckling the comp. Daryl Treadway amongst others blew our mind with their skills. The vis was horrible, the edit sucks, but I had the footage and I was bored, so why not flood the internet with more useless POV. If you've made it this far, you probably like this shit. Enjoy

Kicking Horse trip from darryl hunt on Vimeo.

So there you have it. In between all of this was "The Game" . Where Rossland held it's 100 and somethingith Winter Carnival, which includes the 6th Annual Rail Jam on one of the streets downtown. I will post my friend David Hartman's edit of the rail jam and Nathan Rose's edit for I only own a GoPro and, well... I just drank to much during the weekend to actually do any good. Now, I didn't ask them permission to post their edits on here - but I have a feeling, they won't mind, since I gave them credit. Fist one is David's, second one is Nathan's.

Rail Jam-QuickTime H.264 from David Hartman on Vimeo.

The Game (rail jam) from Nathan Rose on Vimeo.