words by Blake Nyman

Guerrilla marketing is something the people involved with The Levitation Project have done top-notch.  I'm sure ample amounts of people have taken notice to the buddha-esque logo stickers plastered all over the places that our snow community visits regularly, especially while in Utah.  After two years of eyeballing those stickers The Levitation Project comes through with a new film, clothing, magazine and website to start.

On October 30th in Salt Lake City they premiered their film The Fall of 07.  It was a hell of a night with a sold out crowd peppered with cowboys, hot cops, hippos, geishas and Tyler Durden.  All there to watch a film filled with heavy metal, zombies and shredding.  Here's some Misfits action to give you a preview...


I could give you all the garb about who's in it and where it was filmed, but I won't because the film is free, so go download it. The magazine is free too, so go read it.  The clothing you have to purchase, so go buy it so they can continue to provide new free-ish stuff for you.  I think its fair to add films, clothing, literature, design, photography and a gripload of other things to the top-notch category started with guerrilla marketing.



photo: Adam Clark

Artboard is a snowboard magazine, but we're all sliding down mountains on frozen water, so go ahead and read a little.  There's some damn good literature in there.  And for all you naysayers, be patient, a ski side will surface soon.  Go take a look at Artboard.  Take notice of the damn good design, the rad photos, the

interesting/insightful articles and then think about 250 pages of skiing done by the same people...for free.  That's a good thing.

photo: Will Wissman

I don't care if you like it or if you hate it, but you have to respect it.  It’s always nice to have fresh things coming into an industry that needs growth.  And to close with some words from Nico, "Just wait till next year because we haven't even started yet."

Au revoir amis.  Amusez-vous.  Nous skions pour avoir l'amusement.