Sometimes the whole pizza just doesn't get eaten. Does it mean the leftover slices aren't as good as the rest?

Of course not. It just means they're a bit chewier when they get found days or weeks later- if they get found at all.

But when they do, sometimes a good leftover is just what the doctor ordered. I pulled these out just before they really started to stink.

Witt likes leftovers- for example, leftover freshies from months of dumpage at Ski Bowl. photo James Snowbarger

I dont know who this guy is, but he's got a nice 3 japan.

Tosh Peters sending a big 180.

Official notice to Steve Stepp and all other Amplid North America riders: the next time a photo is taken of you wearing your skis on the wrong feet, Brandon Pastucka will kick you in the balls.

Sammy C dropping in at Meadows. I like this shot just because of all the bomb holes, that cornice hip got mauled.

Richie Paradise and Cam Riley, throwing two very different rodeos.

I'm sending this shit to the Ski Journal, print that sucker glossy!

Whoever this guy is, hey's got his 5 high mute so dialed, it's on quickdial! okay, that was lame.

Ben Moxham flat 3... such a dope trick.

McRae Williams 3 mute, PC boys dominated this jump.

cko was real stoked when he found this angle... Felix looked at the shot, scoffed (felix has a great scoff) and said "That's how big they were going?" skier Margetts

the guy is unstoppable. photo cko

Oh man, I can't fucking wait to see shots in the Joystick movie from this bad daddy. I'll give you a teaser: chain hit, paco G: left 360 carved off the wall; followed by Jordan, right 180 off the wall; followed by Blake, backflip straight over, all stomped like a Merlot grape while Anthony filmed it all from the lift. shit was HOT.

Hathaway, a true G, slaying the whole session with his arm in a sling, then bringing out the dope steeze on the last day. I was bummed he didnt get any shots in the article, and even more bummed when I found this good one a few days after it went up.

Eric Norman switch 10? or regular 12?

Yo martini, come back out to Hood midseason next winter and you can do one of these off an 80-footer. word.