As underage admittance has become a problem for

many nightclub owners, they have implemented the use of high tech

scanners to check the identity of their customers. And it's no

coincidence that by using such devices, the problem has drastically

diminished in recent times.

The latest I.D. scanner is composed

of hardware much like that of an ATM machine; it possesses a highly

enhanced camera. It preserves the image and the information taken from

a driver's license. In the event the patron has a criminal record or

has been blacklisted from other bars, the gadget emits a special

signal. It's at this point when the bar's manager can decline to admit

the customer into the club.

The software of the I.D. scanner is

the component that issues the information; so in this case if the

patron is denied entrance into the bar, the program records such new

data and stores it in its memory.

And although the scanner is not

a new tool, the software has been updated to keep up with the latest

technology. So whether you use a credit/debit card or a government

issued identification, the machine reads the data that's taken off the

magnetic strip. This strip is made of minuscule particles that resemble

those of a roll of film.

The programming that's utilized in these

types of gadgets is quite interesting. It first displays a person's

identity and proceeds to offer detailed reports. If there's no prior

information on someone, it creates a new file for that individual. In

addition, it offers an external preview page which allows police

departments to review the records of people who display unusual or

dangerous behavior. These reports are transmitted by establishments

that choose to work in conjunction with the authorities.


newer improvements will allow us to identify a person by scanning his

or her fingerprints. This is seriously needed as many people borrow

I.D.s from their friends. Today however, only optical scanners are

utilized. With time, fingerprinting scanners will drop in cost and

become more widely used.

So for now, night club owners and

restauranteurs will continue to use these types of I.D. scanners to

verify people's age and identity.

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