I had the chance to make some of my own Saga Stickers for my snowmobile and other accessories. I have to take off the wretched decals from ski-doo and put on something a little more Optically appealing. Here are some photos of the biggest Hamburger I have ever seen, the only place I think it would fit is my sliding glass door, or the hood of my car.

The largest Angus in the conceivable Universe

Huge Angus, inside and out

Production Line, from cutting to picking

The tedious process of peeling away the inner hamburger, we saved it for a 2 in one sticker, Sharkins killed it

Putting the top adhesive on easily

The cutting process

Assortments of Stickys

Before the inside of the bubble letters are pulled out, Sharkins doing the modest work

Computer stuff

Busy work

Austin and Jordan, this may be your calling

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