Words & photos by Jeff Schmuck

All pro skiers have laptops. All of them. It's a necessity of being on the road as much as they are, so they can keep in contact with their families, sponsors and chicks back home, spend endless hours Facebook'ing and Twitter'ing, and be regularly entertained by YouTube, porn, and of course, Newschoolers.

AJ Kempainnen

Most of them like to pimp out their laptops out with sponsor stickers, because most pros tend to have way more sponsor stickers then they know what to do with. So amidst all my traveling with them, I came up with a grand ol' idea for a contest. Well actually...to give proper credit where it's due, Trennon Paynter came up with it, because he's the man. So thanks Trennon!

Below are four photos of laptops that belong to some of your favorite skiers, and you have to guess who owns them. Post your guesses in the comments below (in the order of how they appear), and whoever gets all four correct first will win 3 NS shirts of their choosing, 2 NS mousepads, a ton of NS stickers, and a few other random things that are lying around the office.

You have one week to place your bets, and then next Friday we'll post a follow-up article with pictures of the laptops and their owners, and announce the winner.

Simple, helps pass the time, and fun, right? Happy guessing!

Good luck!