After almost a year of talking about it, we finally did it. The Kids have come out to play. Rory Bushfield, Joe Schuster, Sean Pettit, Justin Dorey, Josh Bibby, Riley Leboe, Ian Cosco, Mike Hentituck, Matt Margetts & Myself dubbed our crew The Kids.

Last year around this time, we were sitting around eating beers complaining that we never got to ski together anymore. We all grew up shredding together, but nowadays because each of us work with different sponsors and movie companies we rarely got the chance to schralp the mountain together. We started discussing how we need to find out an excuse to do so.

We had a crew. We knew we all had some talent to show off. We thought we are all pretty funny. Why not try and document our ridiculousness and bring it to the world?

Well, F*cken eh we’re gonna!

The KIDS are here