Why did you start making bushings in the first place?a.       Around 2003 I?d noticed that all the new old stock of Tracker stimulators was starting to dry up, and I was going to be out of good bushings soon.So, when did those first prototype?s star rolling out?a.       Prototyping began (in-between powder days of course) in the winter of ?03/?04 in Rossland BC.What is the secret to your bushing formula?a.       Patience, consistently, and a time proven secret formula.So what inspired these new shapes?a.       Well, the cone and barrel were long overdue, but it was Josh Wiesfeld who said that I needed to make the new stepped cone. They?re the same concept for stability as the original stepped speed bushings. However the conical shape allows my trucks to have more stroke, which ends up giving them more lean. It?s something all trucks can benefit from really.I guess taking your bushing business to the next level has been a learning process? what has helped you succeed?a.       Our new production methods really? they?ve lead to more consistency, and an improved finish. Also listening to the people in the community and making what they wanted to see.And your favourite bushing combo is?a.       All black stepped cones. I?m an old guy still? and don?t like to turn too much.Well thanks for your time Jim, any final remarks?a.       Holy *$&% ? they turn!
"Wow Jim, the casting on these has really improved? Zack Maytum ?Oh my god my board's turning avec les nouveaux cousins? - Flavien Vidal ?Those are fat cones!? - Niko Desmarais?Don't these connect with a string?? - Wandas service attendant