The Concept

Phil Casabon and Henrik Harlaut together are B&E. They felt that it was time to make a slopestyle event that focused as much on style as 'degree of difficulty'. With the sport headed in a new direction with the Olympics, it is the perfect time for this type of format and event linked to a unique feature.

Invitations have been sent to the best freeskiers in the world to shred one of the most creative and unique features ever built. The invitees are good friends of B&E and happen to be some of the best freeskiers of all time including Candide Thovex(FRA), Tanner Hall(USA), Jossi Wells(NZ) and more.

Set right in the heart of the Arc 1800 Village, the goal of the event is to offer a unique slopestyle venue that mixes all the elements which make the sport of freeskiing what it is today. Just like in skateboarding, this event will combine half pipe, bowls, quarter pipes, rails, wall rides, transfers and more. The venue will offer the best playground for the invited skiers to express their ultimate creativity on snow. An enormous amount of work is needed to offer such playground. The shape and construction of the venue will take 200 hours of snow cat time, 15 days of shaping and over 20.000 cubic meter of snow. Everything is orchestrated by Scandinavian Shaper and Les Arcs slope services. The B&E Inventational is an occasion for the best freeskiers in the world to showcase their talent in a perfect environment at one of the best places to ride in all of Europe. (High.of.Walls:3.50/4meters.and. 200m.long)

The Format

Not only will the shape of the venue be unique, but the format as well. The riders will be able to judge themselves after 3 different "Jam Sessions". From there the riders will pick one winner of 'Best Overall Rider', 'King Of Style' and 'Best Trick'. The awards will be attributed by the riders based on style as well as the degree of difficulty of the tricks landed.

The event will be broadcast live via a HD Live streaming player brought by E—‐ (and distributed around the World via our many partners platforms). The show will be broadcast in English and French speaking languages and will be 3 to 4 hours in length.

The Hosts


AKA: Edollo

DOB: August 14th, 1991

Shredding: Are, Sweden

Sponsors: Monster Energy, Armada, Oakley, Full Tilt, D—‐Struture Proshop, Blue—‐Tomato, Harlaut Champagne

Inspirations: "Anyone who tries to think a little outside the box, with a positive attitude. Anything from skiing, skateboard, snowboard, and music. Someone that is there to make changes for the better."

Interesting Fact: 2013 X Games Big Air Champion



AKA: B-Dog

DOB: July 19th, 1989

Shredding: Vallee du Parc, Quebec

Sponsors: Armada, Orage, Rock Star Energy, Axis


Interesting Fact:


The Riders


AKA: The Cat

DOB: May 22nd, 1983

Shredding: La Clusaz

Sponsors: Quiksilver, Faction, La Clusaz

Inspirations: Surf, skate

Interesting Fact: Only rider to win all disciplines of X Games and the Freeride World Tour.




DOB: October 26th, 1983

Shredding: Park City, Utah

Sponsors: Oakley, Rock Star Energy, Armada, Dakine, Dalbello, GoPro, POC, Skullcandy, D-Structure Proshop

Inspirations: Skateboarders Tom Penny, Chad Muska, Torey Pudwill, Antwaun Dixon. Snowboarders Marc Frank Montoya, Chris Bradshaw, Nicolas Muller, Jeremy Jones, Gigi Ruff, Jason Robinson, Skiers Evan Raps, CR Johnson, Mickey Price, Donovan Powers, Tony Gilpin, MickD, Candide Thovex, McConkey, Kye Petersen

Interesting Fact: Seven time X Games medalist.



DOB: October 20th, 1983

Shredding: Grinnell Mountain, Ontario

Sponsors: Free agent

Inspirations: The original Canadian Air Force

Interesting Fact: His sister Jen could have been an Olympian.



AKA: P-White

DOB: May 29th, 1991

Shredding: Mammoth Mountain, California

Sponsors: Monster Energy, Tomahawk, Rossignol, Electric, Skullcandy, Mammoth Mountain

Inspirations: Life and all people in my life. Ones that I have lost and ones that are still here.

Interesting Fact: His favorite game is chess and his favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut.



AKA: Jos

DOB: May 18th, 1990

Shredding: Wanaka, NZ

Sponsors: Monster, Atomic, Nike, Oakley, Skullcandy, Giro, Empire, Seshn, Mons Royale, Air New Zealand

Inspirations: James Dean, 60's/70's coppers, and skateboarding.

Interesting Fact: He's currently building a 1976 Harley Ironhead copper in his garage.




DOB: May 20th, 1983

Shredding: Breckenridge, CO

Sponsors: Saga, Spy, Jiberish, Tall T Productions, Breckenridge Resort

Inspirations: Family and friends



AKA: B-Paul

DOB: April 21st, 1991

Shredding: Le Relais, Quebec

Sponsors: APO, D-Structure Proshop, iFound

Inspirations: Candide Thovex, Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon

Interesting Fact: Loves fly fishing and biking.

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