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Just finished up an unreal weekend in Jackson Hole.  The weekend was filled with lots of fireworks, a little too much booze, and way too many good times.

Stan Evans and I departed SLC on Friday and headed straight for the TGR office located in Teton Village.  I was fortunate enough to get to peep all my shots along with the teaser they were in the process of creating. Once again, the movie is looking to be another banger from the depths of the TGR editing suite… keep your eyes peeled for their teaser, droppin very soon!

After a long night of watching footage, Beer B Q’in and eventually lining up our place to crash, we found homage at Travis Rice’s beautiful spread.  Now of course I was a little weirded out staying there at first, I had never met Travis and of course didn’t want to be the weird guy in the morning that made himself at home.  Travis remains one of the most respected snow riders to date and one I hold in the highest regard… you can imagine my excitement and bewilderment to get the opportunity to scratch the life’s surface of such an influential individual…

Stan and I enjoy breakfast on the deck

We mad the trek to Alpine to load up on cheap Wyoming fireworks. A damn good investment for the 4th.

Erin Comstock came up to join us Saturday night for one of the biggest house parties i have ever attended.  This guy, Dave, had a mansion located below Snowking the local night shred hill in Jackson.  I mean, catered food, free booze, DJ, d floor, the whole works!  After the assistance of some pain medication and a few drinks I allowed myself to slide onto the d floor and get a taste of that oh so missed zone!  The knee still feels great, another test passed, STOKED!

Well all good things come to an end and before I left Jackson I made one pit stop at Travis’s Art Gallery, which he is running in collaboration with Mikey P, the infamous artist who has graced the snowboard industry with his spiritual yet futuristic images since the mid 90’s.  Travis showed me some footage he had from his recent trip to AK, which was absolutely mind blowing to say the least. Another positive step up for snowboarding and one I only thought existed in dreams…. hats off to ya Travis you’ve done it again.

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