In this episode, we sit down with the publisher of FREEZE Magazine, Mike Jaquet, to relive the glory days of the best ski magazine to ever exist.

Magazine Archives:

Almost every issue of FREEZE digitized


"The Original FREEZE Magazine Founders are re-launching the line of shirts and sweatshirts with all the ORIGINAL designs to raise some much-needed funds for the Foundations of our friends and heroes Shane, JP, CR, and Sarah. Proceeds will go to those funds to help do all the good work they continue to do in honoring their legacies."




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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Intro and recent.

0:02:30 Digitizing the archive, biggest regrets

0:08:30 Growing up

0:12:30 Shane McConkey

0:23:25 Extreme Skiing, starting a terrain park, pitching FREEZE and working with Transworld

0:36:00 Money, Becoming profitable

0:46:05 Connecting Freestyle skiing, and the downfall

54:40 US Free Ski Open and ESPN not airing the show, breaking through to pop culture

1:14:15 Parkasaurus

1:24:10 Getting fired from Transworld

1:31:55 Career after FREEZE

1:38:20 Future of Skiing