High Five Festival is a surreal experience. You park the car and immediately run into the biggest name skiers on the planet... I got stuck in the lift with Markus Eder. Today saw the awards go down, and in terms of pro attendance, they have to be the world's most significant movie awards. The guest list reads like a who's who of the skiing world and it's one of those rare moments the industry gets glammed up and does something classy. It's a fun clash of styles too with the well-to-do of Annecy sharing a room with street skiers and park rats.

The venue, the Imperial Palace in Annecy, set right by the lake, is a stunning backdrop but the chandeliers and velvet carpets make for an unfamiliar setting to find the all-star cast. Harlaut Apparel and canapes make for quite the juxtaposition. For the first time ever, I haven't watched most of the years movies before the festival, so it's impossible to do my favorite job, judging the judges, but with Laurent DeMartin and Nico Vuginer on the panel, it's safe to say the award winners are all going to be bangers. These are very much movies to keep an eye out for. The night has just got started here, and there's three days of parties to go. Keep an eye on NS socials for teasers and pro party footage but for now, here are the winners:

Best short film: Cast - Forre

High Buzz Award: The Ultimate Run - Markus Eder

Best Male Performance: Sammy Carlson in Yup

Best Female Performance: Coline Ballet-Baz in Recipe

Best Ski Film: Many Fantasies Later - The Bunch