Chem trails, A simple myth from your neighborhood conspiracy theorist, or the real and terrifying threat next door?

We've all heard the wild and often thought to be crazy theories regarding chem trails. We've seen pictures of planes flying over head 10s of thousands of feet high, but nothing has really happened. What if the real threat isn't miles up in the atmosphere, but all around you and the children at every turn?

A group of college students studying chemistry with environmental application at the Bakersfield Institute in California, turned up some very unsettling data. "We've been traveling the country in search of environmental problems that have gone under the radar" said sophomore Jamie Battersby. The team received a government research grant as a reward for their a report they took part in last year on climate change and steps to reducing our impact as humans on our environment.

On this adventure, the team is being led by none other than Erin Brockovich, who was made famous for her approach to finding out the truth, regardless of what was at stake. In the past she risked her own health and safety to help bring down a multi billion dollar chemical plant that had been polluting the area for years. She got involved with a small law firm and helped to make sure that the chemical company was held accountable for their negligence and that the people affected received monetary compensation.

This journey has brought them all over the U.S. and landed them at a small mountain in southern NH. According to the research they've compiled, the mountain has been using toxic chemicals to boost it's snowmaking output. The chemicals come from Johara International, who saves million every year by dumping the chemicals off at the mountain instead of paying to dispose of them properly. The chemicals have been used to boost the snowmaking output by producing a more dense layer of snow that will hold longer into the year as well as being able to be made while the temperatures are warmer.

When Jessica Hall was asked what she thought, she had this to say, "I think it's outrageous. We never even knew. I'm a parent. My son Tanner skis there almost every day. Here I think I'm being a good parent by keeping my kid active with his peers, and he's being exposed to toxic chemicals the whole time. He's had some medical problems the last few years. Everything from a persistent cough to Wallischman's syndrome"(a rare bone disorder that usually occurs in a patient's feet and ankles, putting them at high risk for fractures)

Other parents were equally shocked and outraged. One parent commented, "Our kids grew up watching captain planet, they've always loved the outdoors and our environment. We never would have thought we were supporting anything like this by simply sending them to the mountain everyday. It really is a parents worst fear. There are the things you know to watch out for, but something like this? We couldn't have even dreamed such a nightmare was looming right down the road."

We could go on but we don't want to speculate too far ahead as a full investigation is now underway. Stay tuned to the Jackson County Tribune for the latest updates in this shocking and most terrifying story.