It had been less than two weeks since my last visit to Moab but with some convincing from Dave Euler during a hazy industry night, I guess it was a plan. We had less than 48 hours to see the sights so we were determined to make the best of a impromptue trip down south. We left SLC at 5:30 am on Friday and drove straight through until we reached our first stop of the day, Canyon Lands National Park.

9:30 am. With Dave Euler being the orchestrator of this whole trip I left it up to him to map our route through this wasteland of never ending scenery. He mentioned a back route in Canyon Lands called Shafer Road that provides a 33 mile dirt road straight into the town of Moab. This was the beginning of a trip I will never forget.
Somehow we were going to end up on that road down there…
… and then it all made sense.
The Jeep nerds were giving us weird looks, I wonder why?
This is our web developer Fitz, yea you already know him. He was probably looking for a wifi hotspot.
And The Frosting, she holds the set down like whoa.
The mighty Colorado River.
A couple hour later and we finally made it to Moab, which turns out on Friday afternoon is impossible to find a camping spot. So we moved further outside of town to Castle Valley (a win-win) because the scenery just doesn’t quit around here.
Once we setup camp and got rid of our hunger-tudes, we took a hike to catch a sunset over the valley.
Welcome to Castle Valley.
Crew deep.
Castleton Tower.
And a toast to a day well spent.
We were car camping of course we partied, except me, I ate too much candy and had to call it early, figures.
I think Euler and Nelson have you all beat on the #SagaSummer tip.
Seize every moment and live with no regrets.
Day 2: After shaking off the night we made the trip out to Corona Arch.
When we rolled up this group of climbers was busy using the arch as a personal rope swing. Do you see that spec in the picture below, yea we were jealous. Extreme friendships should have been one of my new years resolutions.
The view from above.
Then it was onto the next stop, Arches National Park.
So much sand in the shoes.
Less than 48 hours later our time was up, back on the road north to SLC. It was real Moab. Now it’s your turn to go outside.