I love The Good Wife.show, it is very entertaining. I have seen several reports on how poorly the show has been doing in the ratings this season and I think I finally figured out why: The show evolved. At the beginning of the first season that paralleled current events, viewers tuned into see what was basically a love story. Love gone wrong, adultery, scandal, betrayal, secrets, lies, loss of identity, learning to love again, even finding long-lost love. The first-season finale revolved around the question of who will she choose: Will or Peter. All summer viewers waited. Who will she choose? The second season began and in my view, worse than picking Will or Peter, she never chose. The question was taken off the table. The sparks between Will and Alicia were allowed to cool even while Alicia halfheartedly stayed to support her husband. The Good Wife revolves around a different legal case every episode now. The show is more about the love of clients and only Lockhart-Gardner gets any real airtime. The star of the show is now the law firm. I enjoy the show but it has more in common with L.A. Law now than its own origins, and with numbers dwindling, the question of why needed to be asked. The show evolved and viewers, who were fans of a love story that seemed to fade away, became frustrated and withdrew. For me personally, the show's change is natural as Alicia finds her footing and her identity. However, I have friends who watched faithfully and recently stopped. Their sentiments are the same; it's not the same show. They are not wrong.