-This article was produced in partnership with GoPro -

Words by Matt Masson

Simplicity has always been key to GoPro’s success and the newest version continues in the same vein. The vast majority of us are skiers, not cameramen, so the less time we take setting up the camera, the more time we have to ski something that’s worth filming. One look at Instagram will tell you that the GoPro Hero 7 is taking the industry by storm, with pros gobbling them up like hot cookies. Here’s what Tom Wallisch does with his HERO7 Black:


Previously, a major expense for those looking to get the most out of a GoPro has been a gimbal (or something else to stabilize the shot). But the level of digital image stabilization provided by the new HyperSmooth function means that you should be able to achieve smooth shots without any extra hardware. That’s equally great for filming your buddies but also translates to far smoother POV shots. All with less to charge, carry and inevitably break/drop off the lift. As you’d expect, the new Hero 7 is waterproof and pretty durable too which is music to any skiers ears.

HyperSmooth is also applied to timelapse video in a new feature called TimeWarp. It allows you to capture stabilized timelapse videos even while moving about. It’s all handled within the camera, something made possible by increasing the internal memory to 2GB.


TimeWarp gives you smoother timelapses

It doesn’t matter if your filming in the park, backcountry, urban or even just cruising the groomers. Chances are, you want other people to see what you’ve filmed, GoPro has made that easier too thanks to the native live-streaming capabilities. Previously, this required apps like Periscope and Livestream, but now support for Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo and more is built in. A nice touch is that the camera will also write the streaming video to the SD Card, meaning that you can stream and record video simultaneously.

These new features have been well-received by many reviewers, with Digital Trends saying that, while it looks very similar to older models on the outside, the user interface of the Hero 7 has been completely overhauled to make it easier to navigate. “GoPro’s UI has always been one of the best, but the Hero7’s is even more intuitive.”

These days you don’t need a professional crew and thousands of dollars of camera kit to make a killer edit. GoPro have always been able to squeeze an amazing level of filmmaking magic into those tiny little boxes. With the Hero 7, they continue to improve the recipe, while managing to keep the same price tag.


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