Cover photo of Julian Carr 130-foot Mt. Wolverine

Guys like Julian Carr and Jamie Pierre have made names for themselves on their ability to send it bigger and better than anyone else- period. We've compiled a few of the gnarliest drops in history- some from the legends themselves, and other from guys you may never have heard of.

Jamie Pierre's World Record 255-foot Cliff

First up is the late Jamie Pierre's world record cliff jump- coming in at a whopping 255 feet at Grand Targhee in Alta, Wyoming. "I just wanted to hold the world record, even if it was just for one day," he said. Since then Norwegian skier Fred Syverson (accidentally) has surpassed the record, but it's safe to say that Pierre unofficially holds the title of the biggest balls in skiing.

Fred Syverson's 352-foot Jump

While filming in 2008, Syverson took the wrong line and skied off a 352 foot cliff- on accident. He absolutely shattered Pierre's world record, and somehow walked away without a single scratch.

Carston Oliver 1080 on a 150ft Cliff

Flips and 360's are typical when it comes to cliff drops- but Carston Oliver goes huge with this 1080 on a 150-foot cliff.

Julian Carr

We interviewed Julian last year and he is by far one of the most consistent, ballsy skiers out there. Time after time again he effortlessly skis away from massive cliffs- so many that it's impossible to choose just one to feature. He holds the record for the highest invert when he front flipped a 210-foot cliff, and has one of the most admirable attitudes towards the sport that I've ever encountered.

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