February 25, 2009 – Sun Peaks, BC – With 98 competitors, participants from as far away as Saskatchewan, and the age span going from 11 to 33 the Garden has been deemed a success by Oronge and the Sun Peaks Terrain Park crew. Tons of new faces showed up for the Garden on February 15, which really shook up the local scene, and threw the status quo out the window. Check out the contest results below.

With thanks to everyone who participated in the Garden, the event was able to raise $562.00 in donations for the Bluebird Day Fund. The Bluebird Day Fund provides local riders and park skiers with support and/or resources to assist growth and development in their respective sports. For more information on the Bluebird Day Fund visit http://www.sunpeaksresort.com/bdf/index.aspx.

The Oronge Boardshop hopes the stoke from The Garden keeps on going for the Shredidential Election '09 slopestyle taking place March 15. With $1000 cash on the line, and thousands of dollars more in prizing make sure you don't miss this event. For more information on the Shredidential Election '09 visit http://www.sunpeaksresort.com/winter/terrainpark/event.aspx?c=2&e=716.

Contest Results - The Garden, February 15, 2009

Grom Board

1) Cole Avraomic, Kamloops, BC

2) Tucker Monghan, Kamloops, BC

3) Ryland Wagner, Kamloops, BC


Grom Ski

1) Bryce Maartman, Kamloops, BC

2) Kaden Hendry, Kamloops, BC


Women Board

1) Stefanie Bobinski, Kamloops, BC

2) Marlie Marchewka, Sun Peaks, BC

3) Shayla Jones, Kelowna, BC


Women Ski

1) Kiah Allen, Sun Peaks, BC

2) Kelsy Martin, Kamloops, BC


Junior Board

1) Stefan Gagnier, Kamloops, BC

2) Caleb Ford, Kamloops, BC

3) Kamron Edmonds, Kamloops, BC


Junior Ski

1) Jarred Martin, Kamloops, BC

2) Thomas Jensen, Kamloops, BC

3) Stu Sykes, Sun Peaks, BC


Open Board

1) Tyler Clark, Vernon, BC

2) Mark McMorris, Regina, SK

3) Corey Kowaski, Kelowna, BC


Open Ski

1) Parker Blackstock, Kamloops, BC

2) Blade Cleaver, Sun Peaks, BC

3) Jamie McLeod, Kamloops, BC