We attempted to get a nice session in on my big gap project that I have dedicated most of April to completing.  We got grey skies instead of the blue that makes the shots look so pretty.

I got my sled stuck on the way out, I was messing around, trying to hit this little valley like a halfpipe and went straight into a tree well.  It was not an impact… as it looks, It was more like a hidden tree well that caught me off guard and I sank into like “quicksand”.

We had some extra time, and since we were out we decided to look at the rock benches around guardsman pass.  We found this rock split in half that had a little kick on the end. The video shots turned out pretty cool.

I still did some straight airs, to see if the pop and angle of the jump were what I desired. Turns out it is looking pretty sweet, and my favorite gap jump from 44 Days and Reasons has officially been resurrected.

Thank you to Brent Benson for donating these photos to the Saga Blog.  Maybe we will give him a Saga shirt, because he loves Cheesburgers, especially at the Silver Fork Restaurant. I agree they have the best avacado burgers out.

Shifty over the Timpanogos
Got my Sled stuck, no damage, it just kind of rolled into the tree well
Really Stuck
Rock Out
Skiing through the Rocks, we found out the hard way that there was a rock in the landing. Everyones OK

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