Jackpot Terrain Park Debuts ‘The Gambler’

With all the late-season snow Mike Thomas and the Heavenly TPC decided to celebrate by building an innovative snow feature in the newly redesigned Jackpot terrain park. The Gambler combines a butter pad, hit, snow wall-ride and half bowl into one and boasts 12 to 15 feet of vert. The bowl itself is 30 plus feet and the butter pad has a mandatory 15 foot gap with a 12 foot drop off the backside.

The Gambler took four days to build claims Thomas and he commends Heavenly park groomer and designer Garrett Froelich on his innovation.

“Garrett is the mind behind the madness,” said Thomas.

Assisting with the build was Brandon Dodds.

It’s amazing when you think about the time and energy that the TPC dedicates to making Heavenly’s terrain parks the best in Tahoe…but it sure is fun to experience!

The Gamler is every jibber’s paradise so head on up to Heavenly before the parks close on April 25 to celebrate spring in style. You’ll find The Gambler below the triple-jump line of Jackpot.

Send me pics!

See you in Jackpot,

Aimi X.