So this year we didnt make a movie. It sucks cause we really wanted to make a movie but we just didnt get any footage. Most of the times we went skiing were so fucking icy it was pointless to film anything because we were barely even skiing.Then we went to Switzerland thinking "We'll film so much sick shit" but it ended up being so epic all we did was ski.

This summer Fred and I have been doing some stuff though. We filmed a family reunion which is helping us learn a lot about mass producing a movie. Making this has gotten me excited about making DVDs though. This means that hopefully we'll be releasing a FARP trilogy for about 10 bucks or something.

We have big plans for next season. Since this season was such a let down for us we really want to do something big next season. We've been kicking around themes for a movie and we have a couple more people to help us this season so it'll be less of a 2 man effort. I'm super excited to go skiing again and just see what happens.