Words: Aidan Haley

Photos: Michael Brown

"La Ola" is the final installment of The FullCircle's trip to Chile. It follows the team as they continue to ski in the backcountry around Nevados de Chillan and revisit the coast.

Most Chileans share a sense of pride and hope for the future.

Director Aidan Haley in Concepcion.

This time though we moved away from the big city of Concepcion out to the small fishing villages that line the coast: most of which are destroyed.

The Team showed up in the small town of Dichato in the evening and woke up to a sobering site. An entire town that had destroyed by a single wave.

A destroyed house in Dichato.

We also paid a visit to Perales, the old coastal town of our guide Chico where a house he built once stood close to the beach. All that is left is the stone floor, slowly being covered by the sands of the beach pushed inland by the force of the tsunami.

Our guide 'Chico' standing on his old kitchen floor; the only thing that remains of his house.

This trip to Chile was an eye opening experience and motivated the FullCircle Team to being planning for projects to do next summer. This may be the end of this trip to Chile, but in the eyes of the crew it is only the beginning. Be sure to stay tuned for FullCircle updates throughout this coming winter as we follow Matt, Dan and Taylor throughout the competition season and beyond.

Matt Philippi

Dan Marion

Taylor Felton

Jack Tolan

The FullCircle Project: Ep.3 "La Ola" from Aidan Haley on Vimeo.