words and photo by Mike Rogge



From: Jeff Schmuck

Subject: Office Party!

To: Doug Bishop, Chris O'Connell, Paul Stanisci, Jean-Denis Caron, Jason Mousseau

Cc: Mike Rogge

Alrighty, this Friday...let's do it, and let's do it big.

Chris is leaving on Sunday till next Friday night for the Jib Academy Finals at Mammoth and I'm going on vacation to Egypt on the following Friday for two weeks, so next week is really the only Friday we can have a big one as it's the first time we'll all be together in a good while, and I suppose the last time as well. Crazy.

Let's do our damndest to make it the best one ever. The season is over, we're all back in town together (I'm actually back on this continent!) and summer is looming, so let's get together, get wasted and reminisce about the season that's passed.

Peace out, and see you soon fuckers!

-Jeff Schmuck in an email rally cry/rebel yell


You heard it here folks. May 2nd is the office party to end all office parties. We're going all out and YOU have got to be there. Drive, fly, walk, skip. Whatever it takes. It promises to be epic. One part of the email I left out...after we're going to private room karaoke! That's right. Those that witnessed karaoke madness at Battle My Crew or have ever seen Doug Bishop sing, you know what's in store.

So get your ass out of [fill in your hometown here] and get to the office!

We're all going to be there and so should YOU!

It's the Final Countdown...

Hope to see you there!


What: NS Office Party

When: Friday May 2, 2008

Where: The NS Office!

3745 rue St-Jacques Ouest

Suite 204

Montreal, Quebec H4C 1H3