Interview by Dylan Anderson

Who's the craziest person you ever encountered on an urban mission?

In some some housing projects in Summerville, Massachusetts, two black dudes got in a fight outside and had a bunch of girls actin' up outside. A couple times we've been called "crazy white n*ggas" at gas stations. We don't really interact with people unless they come up to us during urban, so nothing too cray.

Photo by Matt Stauble

What are you jammin' to nowadays?

Not much, I'm too lazy to re-up my music. I was asking Sean J where to find new mixtapes and shit today. I really don't keep up on my music. What's on my iPod? A bunch of Maybach Music and one Pete Seeger joint, "What Did You Learn in School Today", cause I like dat and a bunch of music I really don't like anymore.

What crews are you feeling right now? Ski or Board? Who's pushin' shit?

GBP and like just the Technine crew, they know how to have a good time. I seen it. Skiing wise, I really think Stept are the boys that get it. I don't watch a lot of ski footage these days unless I hear it's gutter. Other than Inspired, the ski industry is sort of fucked up right now. I don't know what happened.

Photo by Ian Boll

Care to explain more on the state of the industry?

Example: Today, Nick Geopper was at Keystone, and probably the most paid skier on the mountain. He was spinning like a chad and wearing a Red Bull helmet. He was straight training. The other day, Pat Moore was probably the most paid snowboarder on the mountain and he was looking like a G and having a lot more fun. Snowboarding is cooler than skiing in general, but skiing is branching off in two directions: the gymnasts and the other kids. The kids that are more about filming, doing fun tricks not comp tricks, partying, and making it while staying real. Not that some kids don’t do both, but it's why the industry is dividing just like snowboarding already has.

First pair of skis?

First were plastic strap-ons when I was three, first twins were Ghetto Blasters.

Photo by Matt Stauble

Word on the street is you're gonna be going hard this winter in terms of filming?

I'm going to be feeling it out and going to do a lot more rails, but I'm really trying to get a sled and film a bunch of backcountry too. Bottom line is that my knee feels way better than last year and I'm gonna try to get involved in something for sure.

Last question, who parties the hardest in the Stept crew?

Well, I mean we all party in different ways (laughs), but in terms of charges/crazy stories/and a reputation as an inebriate, I'd probably have to say me. I doubt anyone would disagree. I think I'm gradually learning shit and maturing past that reputation though. No stories. "Got a couple open cases, not too specific" - Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Photo by Matt Stauble