Interview by Dylan Anderson

Up until recently, you only had a few shots in the Stept movies. What made you want to start hitting higher risk features and make segments?

The fact that I had only a few shots in the earlier Stept movies was what made me want to hit more spots and shoot for real segments. I was getting sick of only having a few shots in each movie while the rest of the crew was getting after it.

What's the inspiration behind the beard? How long are you planning to grow it?

I have a few friends that have to shave and dress up everyday for their post-college jobs. I think growing a beard was just a reminder to myself to try and steer clear from that lifestyle for now. I don't think I could ski with a baby face at this point so I'm going to rock it indefinitely.

Photo by City Prospect Apparel

Explain how crazy hitting that ledge was in the Eighty Six were you ended up landing a switch 50-50 disaster.

The spot itself wasn't that crazy, but blowing both my toe pieces in the process was definitely a trip. I was going too fast at one point (as I tend to do when I'm anxious and at most spots in general) and ended up getting worked. If it weren't for that spot though, I would still be using FKS 14's (with the plastic toe pieces) which will be your worst nightmare if you chose to use them. Now I make sure to spend a little extra $ and get the 18's.

Do you have an advantage on the East Coast trips in terms of skiing seeing as how you hail from there?

I would say so. I've scoped a lot of different cities and towns on the East over the past years so whenever we get snow there, I feel confident that we can get work done no matter what. I can adapt to the people better on the East too which makes filming there more enjoyable. I feel like people on the East are down to stop what they're doing and take an interest when we're filming. Instead of getting mad at us and judging us, bystanders get excited to watch and often talk to us because their interested in what we're doing. They'll watch for a few minutes and then continue on with their day which is always a good feeling.

What's the craziest crash you've ever had on an urban trip?

I'm not sure really. I will say though that watching Tom break his leg the year of Weight was by far the most disturbing urban experience that I've ever witnessed. I wasn't there when Nick ruptured his spleen or when Cam collapsed his lung a few years back (both near death experiences) but those are also incidents that I keep in the back of my head to this day. Nick was roughly an hour away from bleeding out and Cam stopped breathing on the way to the hospital and both of them act like that shit was no big deal. Eerie.

What was it like hearing your parent's opinion on your skiing?

I always laugh when I hear my dad say, "bulbs.. plenty of bulbs" in the 86. I actually really enjoy it though. My parents know a lot about where I go and what I do so it was good to hear their perspective and see them in a Stept film.

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