Interview by Dylan Anderson

So any big plans for this upcoming winter?

For this winter, I don't have too much set in stone, but my plan is to just travel and film as much as possible. That will be my main focus all year.

Awesome. So, in your opinion, what makes a skier? Getting podium or releasing the craziest video seg?

I feel like either one of those things can make a skier on top of things like style and attitude as well. But I would say releasing segments have a longer lasting impact on people.

Photo by Stept Productions

Do you feel like style is subjective? Or is there a time when you feel like someone has a much better style than the other?

I feel like style is completely subjective.

Craziest motherfucker in the Stept crew? Anything-wise not just skiing-wise?

Hmmm, that's tough, but I'll go with Cam.

What is more satisfying: Getting the shot or just being there with homies?

Getting the shot, but obviously being there with the homies is really sick.

Coke or Pepsi?