Interview by Dylan Anderson

Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy?

Young Jeezy for sure! Back in the day dude was makin' good music with Akon 'n shit. Gucci has no flow or anything goin' for him. I'm more of a Tupac guy anyway.

Describe a typical day with the La Familia crew.

La Familia! We do a lot of skiing, skateboarding, and having fun! Check out the site to see what we got goin' on:

Photo by Keystone A51 Terrain Park

Opinion on Prop. 64?

(laughs) I think it's pretty awesome. We now live in a state where you can "smoke the pot", but really it's not a bad thing they did this. There's way too many people gettin' dumb charges for weed when there's crackheads out there gettin' away wit it! Let the people smoke their damn weed!

Favorite cat(s) to ride with?

The whole LaFa crew (Hornbeck, Ahmet, K-Day, Milbocker) and lil' Will Berman, Downey, A.D. All those dudes are so damn good at what they do. It's hard not to have a good time with them! Also the "Hot Possie", my girl, and my lil' brother are all good people to have around!

Photo by Lethal Descent

Favorite aerial trick and favorite rail trick?

I guess just a clean blunted cork 7. You can't go wrong there! Anything with some style on a rail gets me! I'd rather see a clean tail-press over a crazy "630 on" or whatever you kids call it these days (laughs).

Craziest party story?

(laughs) Tough one here. There's a lot of stories to tell. Let's just say they're all crazy and if you're ever around, more then likely you will find out the hard way or hear it from one of your friends! (laughs)

Photo by Tall T Productions