Interview by Dylan Anderson

Obviously a question about YMR is necessary. Are you one of the founding fathers? If so, explain the group's origin.

I was around at the beginning, but YMR wasn't my idea or anything. We were just a group of friends who met over the course of a winter or so and skied and filmed together and eventually came up with a "crew name" for ourselves.

Photo by Liam McKinley

You used to rock the generic tall look. What converted you to hesh-ianity?

I have a friend who skied Killington who used to do this thing he called "Gypsy Sundays" where on Sundays he'd wear tight pants and ditch the B-Dog jacket for a day. One day he was gypsy-ing it up at a K-town Showdown and I figured I'd try it out sometime for fun. Turns out I really liked it and stuck with it. I just think it fits my skiing style and tastes a bit better.

You recently had a few shots in Ian Compton's Weak. How was that?

Skiing with those guys was awesome. I ran into Ian at Killington and he asked if I wanted to film with him which was a pretty easy thing to say yeah to. I felt pretty pushed to try some stuff and ended up falling hard a couple times, but it was really worth it. Those guys have a ton of fun.

Who would win in a rap battle: Liam McKinley or Phil Parrish and why?

That's a tough one... Liam would probably laugh before he could finish, so I think I have to give it to Phil.

What's it like knowing half of your hipster music is basically "un-findable" on the internet?

Satisfying at times, frustrating at others. I get satisfaction out of asking people if they've heard of a band and them saying no, but at the same time, it sucks not being able to find song lyrics on the internet when I can't understand the words.

Favorite snowboarder and why?

I've gotta go with Jake Olson-Elm. He has such a loose, skate style and still does some crazy stuff. Plus, I really enjoy watching edits from tiny hills in Minnesota.