Interview by Dylan Anderson

What motivates you to do the crazy urban shit that you do? Is it the excitement or the sheer enjoyment of getting shot or neither?

The biggest part of my motivation is the satisfaction I get from getting a spot done. Being able to see it and make it happen is why I do what I do. I get real fired up in the process and pack shit all over the place and in the end that frustration and pain just adds to the success.

Photo by Erik Seo

What is the best food before an urban mission?

Big City Burrito. Fuck Illegal Pete's.

Describe Stept's explosion in popularity after NetWork dropped and how it's affected the crew.

NetWork sort of came out nowhere. I had no real plans to put together a segment that season and my pursuit of a ski career was more or less fading. Making the Stept movie was more of a hobby that we carried from high school at that point. As that winter of 2010 unfolded we, as a crew, began to realize that things were about to get a bit more serious and that we had a direction in mind. That direction was to push street skiing harder than it had been in previous years.

I remember hearing that you didn't have any ski sponsor during the filming of NetWork. Frustration during urban is justified so did you break any skis during that season and worry your season was over?

That was not really a concern. Shea gave me a pair of old k2 Silencers at the beginning of the season and I filmed my entire segment on that one pair. Pretty lucky they held up.

What's it like knowing you can film/ski/edit your entire segment with the film-making skills that you have?

It's definitely nice to have complete creative control over my segment in the Stept films. At the same time it can be stressful to be responsible for the production side of things while trying to ski in the film. But I think the extra responsibility just pushes me that much harder in all aspects.

What's more frustrating: Getting busted with security or not getting the trick?

Not getting the trick. There's no one I get more frustrated with than myself.

Photo by Ian Boll