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Hailing from Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Coming in at 6'1, 173 pounds, the former cyborg turned human with one of the cleanest styles in skiing and new found bad boy; Niiiiiiick Goepperrrrrr!!!!

Quick background: In the beginning, good ol' Nick was just like everyone else in the midwest; he grew up skiing on a few hundred feet of dirt with way too much manmade snow. As a young gun with potential and access to the internet, Goepp decided to mosey on over to this lovely site and upload his 12 year old promo edit.


Look at the lil guy go!

At 15, he attended the Windells Academy from which he blew up. His skiing progressed exponentially and sponsors took notice. He made his way on to the main contest stage in 2010 with a 16th place finish at the Breck Dew Tour. Not so promising but hey, you have to start somewhere right?

Fast forward to the 2012. After landing some podiums in 2011, most notable; 3rd Place at New Zealand Winter Games & The North Face/North Star PPOS and a 2nd place at Dew Tour in Breck, Nicky G had his sights set on the all mighty X-Games. After laying down a flossy run to qualify first but was bested by THE Tom Wallisch who posted up the highest score (96.00) in ski slopestyle history.


"Nick Cooper" lol

3 years, a shit ton of podiums (including a casual 3-peat of X-Games Slopestyle), more hate from NS than one man should get, and some style mutation we have come to see a new Goepper of sorts. His style is still very technical but not so robotic like in years past, think Guacamole Sundayze callout, he has gotten edgier, and now I even enjoy watching his edits.

Goepper, as stated in Erica's chairlift interview, responded to the haters by saying he is just out there "doing what I love everyday of my life and get to travel the world with my best friends. Living the dream having more fun than Jiminy Cricket." Like much of NS, I too hated on Nick's style. It hadn't changed for a couple years and was stale to watch. I was wishing, HOPING, that his style would change. Although I did not enjoy his style, I couldn't say he was bad at skiing. Nick is one hell of a skier and if you don't like his style, fine, but to hate on his incredible skiing ability is ludicrous. This morning I checked out his new edit The Prelude and was fucking impressed. I definitely enjoyed Nick's style a lot more and hope that it progresses in this way as his career goes on.


Bringin' that fire!

What do you think of Goepp's style after watching that edit? Is this "new" Nick something you will want to watch in the future? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.