The entire starting field for the Peak Performance King of Style 2010

The world’s best skiers will compete at Stockholm Stadium, Saturday, November 20th. The contest Peak Performance King of Style is determined in a "Head to Head Competition" where riders face each other one on one. The top two meet in a decisive battle in which the skier with the highest score wins the title King of Style 2010. This competition model implies that a rookie can get all the way to the

finals as well through qualifications. The list of riders is as follows.

From the U.S.:

Bobby Brown, Sammy Carlson, Tom Wallisch, Russ Hensaw, Gus Kenworhty, LJ Strenio

From Norway:

Andreas Håtveit, PK Hunder, Ole Christian Mustad, Fridtjof Fredriksson, PC Fosse, Aleksander Aurdal

From Switzerland:

Elias Ambühl

From Germany:

Bene Mayr

From France:

Kevin Rolland

From Canada

Phil Casabon, Paul Bergeron, JF Houle

From Sweden:

Jon Olsson, Henrik Harlaut, Jacob Wester, Jesper Capercaillie, Axel Östlund, Linus Tornberg, Oscar Harlaut, Simon Erickson, Kim Boberg, Oscar Sherlin, Oscar Westerbergm, Niklas Karlsson