The edit. A once shining video short between 2-5 minutes that held the power to completely redirect the entire ski industry is now nothing more than a 2-5 minute video compilation of subpar park skiing and if you're lucky, some mediocre urban rails behind the creator's local middle school. Am I complaining? Kind of. Is there anything I can do to change and prevent this from happening in the future? No. Is anyone/anything to blame? There are a lot of things to blame. The truth is there is nothing you can do to stop this rapid increase of edits. With websites like Vimeo, YouTube and even the website you are reading this on, it's incredibly easy to upload your edit and broadcast it to the public. With the easy accessibility to a camera and editing software, it's incredibly easy to produce your edit to which you then upload.

Remember when I said the edit used to have the power to completely redirect the entire ski industry? Edits like "B&E Show Episode 4 - Muddy Winter" completely redirected the entire ski industry. Your local mountain now sports kids wearing camouflage fishing hats and riding without poles. Sliding down rails on your tails is more popular than ever and the Wu-Tang Clan is on every skier's iPod.

This, however, is not the problem. The problem is that we no longer have edits with the ability to impress such as "B&E Show Episode 4 - Muddy Winter" did. I can't tell you the last time I sat down to watch an edit and gawked as much as I did while watching that one. I believe it's partially due to a lack of originality. Every edit nowadays features the Wu-Tang Clan or the somber music similar to what Stept Productions uses as well as kids on the shorter side wearing Tall T Productions skiing on Armadas. These kids are doing the same tricks as well. How can anyone impress when there's a carbon copy of you in another video? The other portion to blame is that every kid and their mother has a Canon T2i and is producing edits. I log onto here every day only to find a new top rated edit that will be forgotten about tomorrow.