Hey Folks,

I grew up in Sudbury, MA a dreary suburb where people have too much money and they are full of themselves, I recently moved to Wisconsin, where modesty is the policy.

Up until this summer, this exact summer, I always loved coming home to Boston, and visiting friends and family, still enjoy visiting people. However in the week I have spent here, has me begging to go home, this rant may insult you, or make me seem like a wimp, but if you live EC, and have never gone west, please do not hate.

This week has been Miserable, first off The Northeast is home of the most stuck up unfriendly people ever, I have been flipped off 10 times, honked at many more times, and only because I have out of state plates, this especially annoys me on Cape Cod when i drive on roads I grew up riding on, and people who are visiting for the first time, flip me off just because it says America's Dairyland on my car. Honestly fuck you! I know where i'm going you have no idea, your just looking for the Cape's best Chowdah, tourist bitch.

Traffic, Massachusetts is home to the worlds most corrupt Highway department ever, note Tunnels collapsing, and man hole covers becoming airbourne during Rush Hour, thats right, This Friday I was headed up to Boston from the cape, when I reached 128, not knowing that i'd be stuck in a 4 hour delay, my 60 min drive took 5 hours, unbelvable shit, turns out the manhole cover shit was totally avoidable too, and could have been fixed if MassHighway had got their shit together.

Humidity... What The Fuck!

All and All this trip has been fucked up, and while being on the Cape is nice during the week, I can't stand this place on weekends, It feels good to be a local, but not when everyone will bitch at me cuz im a local with WI plates.

Note... if you are an MA driver on Cape Cod and honk at a kid with WI plates, dont make this mistake, I'll hurt you.

Here are some pictures from the summer.

Dont Honk at this car


Bourne Bridge quiet !

Bourne Skating

Cape League Baseball

Candlepin Bowling

Durk Stoked to be on the Cape

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