Working with other photographers at events can be a ton of fun, however, it also opens up a whole slew of potential problems.  Here's our thoughts on what you should and should not do with other photographers around.

- Don't bring just one pocketwizard transmitter and steal other photographers flashes… it's not cool.  Bring your receivers along too and claim your own channel.- Do stake your claim on an angle, but don't linger there in another photographers way for too long, it's rude.  Get a shot quick and find a new angle that isn't blocking that photographer again.- Don't be mad when another photographer gets in front of you for your telephoto shot.  Move to a new position and go back when they move.- Do use a unique radio channel that other photographers likely won't be using.  (If you only have 4 PW channels and shoot a lot of events it's time to get some new radios.- Do pass your card around to other photographers to check out your work.  You never know when one of them will have a job they need help with or can't do.- Don't waste your time fretting about your flashes not working because your radio channel was stolen.  Change the channel or go no or on-camera flash for a while…- Do check out other photographer's captures, but don't give up your best shots!- Do shoot a ton of angles that other photographers aren't.  That way you fill a void and capture unique shots that no one else has, thus increasing your chances of selling more images.- Don't leave your pack too far away and open.  Alway's keep a close eye on your gear and keep the pack closed for safety.- Do bounce around ideas with other photographer's and get their opinions.- Don't let other photographer's complaints about "photographers not making any money" get you down.  Have a blast and market hard after!- Do help out other photographers.  Karma will come around and help you out when you need it next. (so the hippies tell us.)- Don't get psyched out by the guys with better equipment or who are working for bigger companies.  Have fun and stay focused!- Do compose the frame so that it doesn't show other photographers and flashes if possible.