China is the place that started it all, the origin of the silk road, a trade route that has evolved over thousands of years into what we today call import and export.A lot of people misunderstand China, making assumptions and judgements based upon what the mainstream media or what other people’s hear say may lead them to believe. We have been traveling to China for over 5 years now, witnessing a country on the rise with our own eyes. Something not even the newscaster, regurgitating biased propaganda driven facts can say. I won’t say China is perfect but I will stand up for the local population here that is proud of their heritage, much like the people back in our home, the USA. To pass a quick judgment on an entire population is shallow and narrow sighted.If there is one thing that I have learned from traveling to Asia, is don’t judge something you don’t fully understand. I was once guilty of this just as many others currently are. However, through educating myself and having an open mind, I see this land through a much different lens now. I see a land filled with lively, hardworking people that are motivated by the basic goal to provide themselves with a life of opportunity. Just like you and I.Our Sunday started at 6am, same as all other days here but today was different, it was our day off. I speak for Andy and myself both, when I say these trips overseas are an incredible opportunity. However, it is easy to get caught up in the workload and loose sight of the amazing place we are in. After a long week of travel coupled with meetings, current production overview and 13/14 outerwear development, this Sunday was the day to take a step back, enjoy some down time and the local city atmosphere. With Wensy as our tour guide we were in for a full day to say the least, exactly what we needed.

Your laundry comes back nicer then when you bought it, how could you not start a day off on the right foot.
Travel office setup #1,287 and NEVER forget your mouse.
Then it was time for the real day to begin. Enjoy the photo roll from a day well spent.
Walking the streets and shopping in the local markets.
It was great meeting this elder musician. Even though the language barrier kept us from exchanging conversation, documenting his playing was my of showing respect. You will see more of this gentlemen in our Asia trip re-cap video.
After lunch, Wensy took us to the local movie theater. What did we see you ask? MIB 3 of course. Once a Will Smith fan, always a Will Smith fan.
Three tickets please.
Some kids we met while waiting for the movie.
And you thought you had the coolest bike. Cards in the spokes, check.
I see you.
Thank you Wensy for another great day here in the land of the rising sun, can’t wait until we can do it again.