We’ve got some solid news to report today.

Our Czech distributor, Rosta Cerovsky, was watching one of the most popular TV news shows last night out at his house when on Prime Time he was ripped out of his chair at the sight of a report on ski and snowboard back protectors. A popular Czech testing magazine, much like Consumer Reports in the USA (remember when Consumer Reports dissed the new iPhone 4 and started a media shitstorm? Yeah, they’ve got power), reviewed the most popular back protectors and a few vests.

The test measured overall safety levels covering 4 different areas on the back, including the spine, as well as a few other criteria. The news report, beaming across the Czech Republic, hailed the SLYTECH 2nd Skin Back Protector the SAFEST BACK PROTECTOR available.

Screengrab of Czech News Report | Slytech 2nd Skin Gets Top Honors!

European grading scales measure from 1 to 6, 1 being the best (excellent) and 6 being the worst (fail). From the screengrab you can see the rankings as follows:

Slytech 2nd Skin Back Protector taking top honors with a grade of 1.1 (only 0.1 off from the BEST POSSIBLE GRADE)

POC Spine VPD Vest with a 1.3

Komperdell Cross with a 1.5

… and then the bottom of the barrel being the Scott, RED/ Burton, POC Spine Ergo Bug (with the plastic parts that Slytech’s test have shown to be the least safe) and the TECNOpro all with only “satisfactory” grades.

This is a coup for our engineering department whose own tests have shown for years now that Slytech’s 2nd Skin Back Protector is the safest back protector available on the market. When I talked to people and showed them our test results (see diagram below), I was always met with skeptical resistance. “yeah, but Stephan, how can we be SURE that your test results aren’t biased?” they’d ask. Totally understandable reaction.

The answer has been delivered. Independent studies show that the memory cell foam used by Slytech in the 2nd Skin Back Protector is the SAFEST ski and snowboard protector on the market.

Test Results Show the 2nd Skin is the Safest Back Protector

For anyone interested in checking out the magazine coverage of the test, you’ll have to get out your translation devices, because it’s all in Czech. Simply click on the images to access the high resolution image.