The Cold Smoke Awards is a celebration of winter culture. Film, photography, and music are on the menu for artists to showcase, and audiences to devour. The mountain community unites to experience life in the mountains on the big screen.


In its 6th year, The Cold Smoke Awards creates a venue for amateur and professional filmmakers alike. With separate junior, amateur, and professional categories, there is space for all artists to participate amongst their peers, and be inspired by the experienced. The CSA encourages all genres of winter film from skiing to ice fishing: if its on snow, anything goes.

Cold Smoke on Tour

Don’t forget to check out the Peoples Choice Tour: a screening of this years films, and an opportunity to cast a direct vote on your favorite film. An 8-10 stop tour through the mountain west bringing films, photography, and music to your town. Cold Smoke infiltrates the local scene with prizes, drink specials, and the opportunity to screen you work in front of your local audience. The favorite film from this tour is presented with the Peoples Choice Award at the finale Awards ceremony in Bozeman.

The Main Attraction

Converging in Bozeman Montana, The Cold Smoke Awards brings together an eclectic group of mountain freaks for a one-of-a-kind live event. A duo of MC’s, a team of quirky presenters, a gaggle of swag tossin’ ski bunnies, and dozens of filmmakers grace the main stage, coalescing imagery from around the world into a wild and zany awards ceremony… and the crowd goes nuts! Awards for numerous categories recognize filmmakers’ prowess in cinematography, to highlighting specifics such as, “The Best Line”, and a broader award for the most soulful film - just to mention a few. The audience walks away with more than a satisfied appetite for winter imagery though. Piles of gear, trips, and other prizes are tossed to the audience through out the night.

After the show the audience clears the theatre and heads to the Cold Smoke Carnival for some rockin’ live music. A rompin’ dance floor and costume party ensues as mountain revelers shake it into the wee hours of the morning. Save your strength though, January

is known for the unexpected ‘coldsmoker’; several feet of extremely dry powdery fluff falling over night in the Bridger Mountains. Bring your stick of choice, the smoke is on!

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