Interviews by Jeff Schmuck

Here's the latest two installments of The Chairlift Diaries, which feature video interviews with various athletes while we ride the lifts with them in Whistler during Momentum and Camp of Champions.

Episodes two and three include Joe Schuster, Mike Henitiuk and Reed Speedman hilariously discussing their winter, the best parts of summer camp and revealing which male and female celebrities they would most like to make love to, while Alex Schlopy talks about his first visit to Canada, coaching at Momentum, his thoughts on the triple cork and more. Enjoy...


The Chairlift Diaries - Joe Schuster, Mike Henitiuk & Reed Speedman

The Chairlift Diaries - Alex Schlopy

Stay tuned for the next two episodes with TJ Schiller and Tom Wallisch, and to watch all episodes of The Chairlift Diaries, be sure to check out its NSTV Channel.