Is there anyone that can follow in the footsteps of Candide? The hard-charging Frenchman that no one can seem to keep up with is a one in a billion skier. First off, if you haven't seen some of the latest videos he has been dropping on his FB, what are you doing?! Watch them. Right now. Seriously, right now.

Good, so now that you've gotten a taste of what Candide has been getting in to, we can continue on with our discussion. You see, Candide's mindset is what truly sets him apart from the entire freeskiing community. Speeding downhill like a bat out of hell, yet still in complete control, he carves apart the mountain like a master surgeon. Sending airs that seem impossible yet, to no one's surprise, he stomps them with ease. Candide exudes a quiet, yet, very apparent air of confidence in his skiing ability. He watched what the legends before him were doing, copied it, perfected it, and took it to the next level. He saw what the snowboarders were doing, tweaked it, then surpassed them. Let's take a trip back down memory lane if you need more convincing.

Candide Kamera 2

Candide At Superpark

The three traits that standout most about Candide: the speed at which he send features (aka send factor), the tricks he throws while going mach 10, and his vision/creativity for where and how he wants to hit features, natural or man-made. To come full circle on this idea of who might be able to be the next Candide, we have to look at people who fit the mold of the 3 traits above.

Speed/send factor? Leo Taillefer, Adam Delorme, & Sander 'Sender' Hadley all come to mind right away for guys who go full speed into features and send shit absolutely, fucking massive.

Tricks? Crazy Karl Fostvedt & Sammy Carlson have both "taken their tricks to the backcountry, yea!" after being park kings early on in their careers.

Vision/creativity? One could argue that the crow calling, French madman, Leo Taillefer deserves to be in the list again, especially if you have seen his GoPro LOTW entries in 2015/2016.

So, who is the next Candide? Unless, the guys above can combine their "superpowers" into a single being a la Captain Planet, it's hard to say who can match what Candide has done during his illustrious career.