Words by The Canadian Shield Tour

Photos courtesy of Jason Mousseau

Two days at Mont Tremblant saw skiers and snowboarders from all over the country competing for $20,000 cash, gear, AFP and TTR points and the bragging rights to the podium at the first ever stop of The Canadian Shield Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle Tour.  

On the ski side of things, doubles dominated as Alex Bellemare captured first place (with Ian Cosco in second and Matt Wilcox in third) in the Men’s Pro Open division and earning $5,000 for his win. He rode consistently and put down highly technical runs throughout the competition, including his winning run that consisted of a 450 on to the down rail, to a 270 on 450 off of the rail deemed the green canon, followed by a switch double cork 9, an effortless double flat spin and finished things off with a switch 9.

Alex Bellemare

Nevin Metzger narrowly missed the podium by one spot but still managed to walk away with some cash for the SBC Skier Magazine Men’s Standout Trick Award for a double underflip. On the women’s front, Yuki Tsubota captured the win in the Pro Open by charging through the course all day and stomping some effortless cork 720 tail grabs, which earned her $2,000 and the SBC Skier Women’s Standout Trick Award.  

Ian 'Chug' Cosco en route to second place.

The K2 Skis Amateur Open division saw several strong performances throughout the day marked by a high level of trick difficulty being thrown down, including double back flips, double flatspins and technical rail variations. Simon Gingras dominated the men’s division from start to finish, easily capturing the win with scores well above the rest of the field. For the women, Maude Thoriault-Gauthier walked away with top spot in the K2 Skis Women’s Amateur category and some brand new K2 Skis for her performance.  

Matt Wilcox rounds out the podium at the Men's Pro Open division.

The Disney XD rookie categories thoroughly impressed the crowd and judges as well with their not so rookie talents. One of the day’s youngest competitors, ten year-old Luca Natale from Mont Tremblant, took top honors in the Disney XD X-Elerator 12 and under category with his strong performance.  


Pro Open Men

1) Alex Bellemare

2) Ian Cosco

3) Matthew Wilcox

4) Nevin Metzger

5) Hugo Pelletier

6) Laurent-Olivier Martin

7) Samuel Beauchesne

8) Benoir Gendron

9) Jack Irvine

10) Samuel lagrange

11) Sebastien Chartrand

12) Ben Maxwell

13) Nicholas Chenard

14) Mitchell Wilson

15) Christ Bolduc

16) Ahren Stein

17) Terry Butt

18) Taylor Wilson

Pro Open Women

1) Yuki Tsubota

2) Cassandra Sharpe

3) Olivia Lane

4) Zoe Beaulieu

5) Sophie Brubacher

6) Caroline Sauve

7) Marie-Pierre Donaldson

K2 Skis Am Open Men

1) Simon Gingras

2) David Quesnel

3) Felix Gaudreau

4) Maxime Boudreault-Dunn

5) Jessy Desjardins

6) Luke Stein

7) Xavier Lacourse-Dontigny

8) Dustin Sittler

9) Jonathan Belec

10) Nicholas Payette

11) Ross Fedyna

12) Antonie Senay-Catendresse

13) Philippe Donaldson

14) Charlie Pint

15) Anthony Germain

16) Tam Kilbourn

17) Gabriel Lalande-Sauvageau

18) Marlon Bass Marlon

19) Mac Robertson

20) Olivier Bureau

21) Samuel Clairoux

22) Emmanuel Depault

23) Melkon Kechichian

23) Matt Dickey

25) Alex Miglierina

K2 Skis Am Open Women

1) Maude Thoriault-Gauthier

Disney XD X-Elerator+ Boys (13-15)

1) Mathieu Langevin

2) Philippe Clairoux

3) Billy Berthiaume

4) Max Moffatt Max

5) Lucas Vianna

6) Frederik Prathe

7) Kevin Desjardins

8) Jean-Christophe Vinette

Disney XD X-Elerator+ Girls (13-15)

1) Anderson Rachael

Disney XD X-Elerator Boys (12 & Under)

1) Luca Natale

2) Philippe Langevn

3) Alex Butt

4) Jean-Charles Morin

5) Cedriv Natale

6) Zak Castonguay

7) Philippe Gregoire-Bergevin

8) Xavier Courville

Canadian Shield Tour Standings


1) Yuki Tsubota - 10,100

2) Cassandra Sharpe - 8,500

3) Olivia Lane - 7,500

4) Zoe Beaulieu - 6,500

5) Sophie Brubacher - 5,500

6) Caroline Sauve - 4,500

7) Marie-Pierre Donaldson - 3,500



1) Alex Bellemare - 10,000

2) Ian Cosco - 8,500

3) Matthew Wilcox - 7,500

4) Nevin Metzger - 6,600

5) Hugo Pelletier - 5,500

6) Laurent-Olivier Martin - 4,500

7) Samuel Beauchesne - 3,500

8) Benoir Gendron - 2,500

*The top male and female skiers in the Pro Open categories at the end of the tour will receive a 7-day surf trip to Eldoardo Surf Resort in El Salvador.

The next stop of the Canadian Shield Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle Tour lands this weekend at Mt. Seymour, BC on February 17th - 19th, where in addition to the event, Sean Pettit will be on hand to ski with fans. For event details and registration, check out thecanadianshield.ca.

Canadian Shield Slopestyle tour, Mont Tremblant from M.Dandurand Photography on Vimeo.